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Nordic Ware Bronze Fall Cakelet Pan

Nordic Ware Fall Cakelet Pan

Miniature desserts are always fun, especially when you are entertaining because a bite-sized treat is so much easier to handle than something that needs to be sliced and served on a plate with a fork. Mini cupcakes are always an option, but a cakelet pan can turn what would be an ordinary mini cupcake into a work of art. Nordic Ware’s Bronze Fall Cakelet Pan ... Read More »

Snack O Lanterns

Snack O Lanterns

Carving pumpkins is one of the most fun activities you can do around Halloween and I carve a lot of pumpkins every year. Some years, I get creative and carve non-traditional pumpkin designs, like my pie pumpkins, but I always have a soft spot for classic jack o’ lantern faces because they are so expressive! You can take the fun of making jack o’ lanterns ... Read More »

Wilton Make-a-Face Halloween Cookie Cutter Set

Wilton Make-a-Face Halloween Cookie Cutter Set

When it comes to decorating cookies for Halloween, you have quite a few choices. You can use cookie cutters to produce ghosts, spiders, pumpkins and other holiday icons. Cookie cutters give you the outline, then it is up to you to bring your creations to life with a little bit of creativity and a lot of frosting. Just as with carving jack o’ lanterns, the ... Read More »

Pumpkin Gutter

Pumpkin Gutter

I love carving pumpkins around Halloween. The carving itself is a lot of fun and it is very rewarding to see your work light up for the first time. The least fun part of carving pumpkins is gutting them. Pumpkins are sticky and messy on the inside, and while it is a lot of fun to play with that goop when you’re a kid (and ... Read More »

Nordic Ware Mini Skull Cakelet Pan

Nordic Ware Halloween Mini Skull Cakelet Pan

Halloween is a holiday that brings out some of the most interesting shaped pans that you’ll see all year. I attribute this, in part, to the fact that some images are so intertwined with Halloween celebrations, such as jack o’ lanterns, ghosts, witches and skulls. These images tend to pop up over and over again, getting improved on and refined until we end up with ... Read More »

Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processor, reviewed

Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processor

A food processor is a great tool to have in the kitchen that sometimes gets overshadowed by stand mixers, which have become iincreasingly visible over the past several years. Food processors might not be quite as glamorous at first glance – though I would argue that this one in particular looks pretty good – but they can handle a tremendous number of functions if you ... Read More »

Round Sandwich Cookie Pan

Wilton Sandwich Cookie Pan

Homemade sandwich cookies are a real treat, but they’re not the easiest type of cookie to make. Not only to they require both a cookie dough and a filling of some kind, but those cookie rounds need to match up perfectly to make your cookies look as good as they taste. There are a couple of ways of getting those cookie rounds to be the ... Read More »

Chef’n Cakewalk Cake Decorating Kit

Chef'n Cakewalk Cake Decorating Kit

You need some basic tools when you are decorating cakes. While you can get by with nothing more than an offset spatula if you need to, it makes your job a lot easier and give you a lot more decorating options if you have some pastry tips, piping bags and a turntable. The pastry tips and bags allow you not only to add finishing touches ... Read More »

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