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Portion Cooking Spoon

Portion Cooking Spoon

You don’t always have to measure ingredients when cooking like you do when you’re baking. You can get away with adding a big pinch of oregano to a recipe or “eyeballing” a tablespoon or so of ground cumin when making chili. But it is nice to know exactly how much you’re adding to a recipe, especially if you get a good result and want to ... Read More »

Sauced Measuring Wine Glass

Sauced wine glass

It is often said that you shouldn’t cook with a wine that you wouldn’t want to drink because a good tasting wine is going to infuse the best flavor into your dish, whether you’re cooking a meal that just calls for a splash of wine or making a sauce that calls for a lot of it. When you have a good tasting wine, however, you ... Read More »

Wilton Summer Mini Cake Pan

Summer Mini Cake Pan

It seems like winter just ended, but I know I’m not alone when I say that I’m already looking forward to the summer. Summer means sun, beaches, vacations and relaxation.  For many of us, it also means that there is more time to bake  because the days are longer and lazier, which makes it seem like there is always time in the day to whip ... Read More »

Cook’s Illustrated tests Graters

Rosle Grater

Whether you’re using them for grating cheese to fill up a quesadilla or shredding carrots for a carrot cake, a grater is a tool that just about everybody has in their kitchen. The more often you use graters, the more you will notice how different they are. Some grate smoothly, some leave you with chunks of cheese or other crumbly products in your hand after ... Read More »

Round Cake and Pie Cooling Racks

Round Cake and Pie Cooling Racks

Most of my cooling racks are large, rectangular racks that can hold a lot of cookies, muffins or cupcakes when I’m baking. The only problem with racks like mine is that they take up a lot of space, and if I’m not baking multiple batches of baked goods, I end up losing a lot of counter space to those racks. This kind of thing does ... Read More »

Nordicware Shortcake Basket Pan

Nordicware Shortcake Baskets

Many grocery stores sell premade shortcake cups made from plain sponge cake are intended to be filled with fresh fruit,  ice cream or whipped cream.These cakes are handy when you’re looking for a base to use for a strawberry shortcake, but they’re not usually all tasty on their own. Nordicware’s Shortcake Basket Pan lets you make this same type of design with a from-scratch recipe ... Read More »

Chicago Metallic Nonstick Madeleine Pan, reviewed

Chicago Metallic Madeline Pan

Madeleines are one of those baked goods that require a specialty pan to get them right, because even though you can bake the batter in mini muffin tins, you just can’t capture the spirit of a madeleine (the cake that writers wax so poetic about) in any other form. Madeline pans can carry a wide range of price tags and can be made out of ... Read More »

Easter Stamp & Style Cookie Cutters

Easter Stamp & Style Cookie Cutters

No matter how old I get, it will always be fun to decorate eggs for Easter. This is true both for decorative eggs, made with hard boiled or hollowed eggs, and for edible egg-shaped butter cookies. It is also why the Easter Stamp & Style Cookie Cutters that Williams Sonoma are offering this holiday season are so appealing. The cookie cutter set comes with four ... Read More »

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