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Baking Bites in the Best 50 Food Blogs in the World

Top 50 Food Blogs

The UK’s Times Online, which is the online version of The Times newspaper, ran a big article on the world of food blogging this week and included their picks for the 50 Best Food Blogs in the World – a list that included Baking Bites, along with many other wonderful sites. It’s an honor to be recognized, and I want to say congrats to the ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Bananas foster is a slightly old-fashioned (retro, of course!) dessert that consists of bananas that are cooked in a rich caramel sauce, doused in rum and set alight. It’s delicious and entertaining, and is generally served with vanilla ice cream. At Culinary Concoctions by Peabody, bananas foster are used the inspiration for a really kicked up Bananas Foster Bread Pudding. The bread pudding includes bananas, ... Read More »

Baking Bites in People Magazine!

My recipes in people magazine!

My homemade girl scout cookies have hit the big time. They’re in print – and not just on Baking Bites! People Magazine’s country music special issue (released this month) has a three page feature that includes my three most popular girl scout cookie recipes: Do-Si-Dos, Samoas and Thin Mints. The recipes have been slightly simplified from the versions posted here, so they’re a bit less ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Chocolate lava cakes, also known as molten-center chocolate cakes, are known for their oozy richness. Cakespy‘s Lava Cookies don’t quite have the same level of ooziness as their cake predecessors, but if you serve them warm you can still get a very satisfying mouthful of melty chocolate. The cookies are simple, using lots of chocolate chips and a a relatively small amount of flour in ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

One of the reasons I’ve always been a tiramisu fan is that I love coffee, and the espresso-heavy dessert delivers a lot of coffee flavor. I rarely see it in other iterations, but there’s no reason why you can’t have a little variety with tiramisu in the same way you cane with other desserts. House of Annie made an “Asianified” Green Tea Tiramisu using matcha ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Chocolate mousse is a great way to end a meal, but it can feel a bit heavy because it is so rich, even though the mousse itself might be fluffy in texture. Adding a hint of mint in an After Dinner Mint Mouse as Nami Nami did, lightens up the flavor and gives you a refreshing finish to dinner. The mousse actually uses After Eight ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

While chocolate, eggs, butter and sugar certainly make for a good cookie, it’s possible to get a delicious result when you cut out some or all of these ingredients. David Lebovitz‘s Nonfat Gingersnaps are a testament to it. It sounds like it took a while to nail down the recipe (nonfat baking can be quite tricky, especially where texture is concerned), and rave reviews from ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Whole wheat waffles waffles sound like a really healthy way to start out the day. I have to admit that, in the case of Veggie Belly‘s Whole Wheat Cinnamon Waffles wit Dulce De Leche, “decadent” would be a much more appropriate adjective than “healthy.” Not that there is anything wrong with that, mind you. The waffles are light and crispy, rich with butter and buttermilk, ... Read More »

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