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Bites from other Blogs

I was going to star off this weeks Bites with a link to the summery strawberry shortcakes at I love Milk and Cookies, as a last hurrah for summer in the northern hemisphere and a way to welcome it into the southern. But then I saw JenJen’s Apple Cider Donuts and couldn’t resist the spice and fall flavor combination. Plus, the donuts are baked, not fried. ... Read More »

Homemade vanilla extract

TL's homemade vanilla

Vanilla extract is an absolute staple for a baker. It is one of the few flavorings that works in just about everything (everything sweet, anyway) and, while cookies and cakes can be made without it, it really helps to round out the overall flavor of a baked good even when it is not the dominant flavor. As such, I put vanilla in lots of stuff. ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

My bookmarks from other bloggers this week were all over the place. I expected that most people would be going for Halloween or other mid-fall fare by this time and was surprised to find a lot of summery or any-time sort of dishes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’ve been known to make pumpkin pie around Easter! First on my list this week is the ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Another week, another round of recipe from some of our closest – digitally speaking – friends. Is it just my imagination, or do recipes seem to get richer the closer we get to the end of the year? Not that there’s anything wrong with that… You’ll get two recipes in one with Vanilla Garlic‘s  Amaretti and Butternut Cupcakes- one for the cookies and one for ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

I must have had tarts on my mind this week (you’ll see why next week) because just about all of the recipes that caught my eye on other food blogs were for tarts!  I rarely use figs in baking, but I love the sweet, rich flavor of the fruit. Dessert First has not one, but two tasty fig desserts up right now: Honey Panna Cotta with Grilled ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Another week, another handful of amazing recipes from other bloggers. Have you noticed that even bloggers who don’t regularly bake tend to use their oven a bit more in the fall and winter? There’s sure to be many more inspiring recipes as the weather cools down even more this season. An all-purpose cornbread recipe is always good to have on file as the weather gets colder ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

As usual, there were lots of amazing recipes on the blogs this week. These are all going into my bookmarks and, hopefully, Ill have a chance to tackle them before fall is over. If not, I hope you have a chance to try them!  Since we were just taking about cream-filled cupcakes here, it seems appropriate to point out that you can use the same cream-filling technique ... Read More »

Is cooking school for you?

success as a chef

There are professional chefs out there who are self-taught, who learned by cooking on their own and watching others at work, refining their skills in the kitchens of different restaurants. There are also many chefs and bakers who picked up most of their skill set at culinary schools, both at big names like the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and Le Cordon Bleu and at smaller, ... Read More »

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