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Peach and Strawberry Cobbler

Peach and Strawberry Cobbler

I like to think of this Peach and Strawberry Cobbler as my end-of-summer cobbler. This particular batch of cobbler was baked with beautiful fresh strawberries and a mix of perfectly ripe yellow and white peaches. The strawberries are probably some of the last top-notch berries I’ll get this season – hence the end-of-summer feeling to the dessert. It also helps that the colors in the ... Read More »

Fresh Strawberry Souffles

Strawberry Souffle innards

There are plenty of ways to enjoy fresh summer strawberries. You can stuff them into a shortcake or pile them up into a pie, as well as add them to cereal and toss them into a salad. Shortcakes are probably my favorite strawberry dessert, but I’ve recently added a new recipe to my list of strawberry dessert options: a strawberry souffle. This light, fluffy Strawberry ... Read More »

Strawberry Lemonade Chiffon Layer Cake

Strawberry Lemonade Chiffon Layer Cake, sliced

Strawberry lemonade is one of my favorite summertime drinks and this is that drink in cake form – or at least, as close as you’re going to come to the lemony drink and still be able to eat it with a fork! The base of this cake is a lemon chiffon cake, with a bright and zesty lemon flavor that goes well with layers of ... Read More »

Strawberry Chiffon Cake

Strawberry Chiffon Cake

Desserts that showcase fresh strawberries whole are, of course, a great option in the summer when you can find fresh berries everywhere you look. But don’t forget that there are plenty of options besides slicing the berries and piling them on a biscuit, cake or scoop of ice cream. For instance, you can put those berries into the cake to give the cake itself a ... Read More »

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