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Best American Side Dishes

Best American Side Dishes

When it comes to the holidays, main courses tend to stay on the traditional side. Roast turkeys, crown roasts, brisket and glazed ham are all pretty much par for the course, depending on the precise holiday and what size crowd you’re planning to feed. The side dishes are where you can really branch out and tailor the meal to some of your favorite tastes, even ... Read More »

Coffee Cakes: Simple, Sweet, and Savory

Coffee cakes, despite their name, do not necessarily involve coffee or coffee flavoring. I find that this can confuse quite a few people the first time they hear the term. It’s also a primarily American term, so it is not really as widely known as some people might think. Coffee cakes are cakes meant to be served with coffee and are generally simple, not-too-sweet cakes ... Read More »

Baking for All Occasions

Baking for All Occasions

I bake just about every day. Others bake only on occasion, usually for birthdays or holidays, and there are a lot of cookbooks dedicated to providing recipes specifically for these special occasions. Special occasions need special recipes, right? Flo Braker’s newest cookbook, Baking for All Occasions aims to open the eyes of bakers everywhere to the fact that all occasions can be special and you ... Read More »

S’mores: Gourmet Treats For Every Occasion

S'mores: Gourmet Treats For Every Occasion

Who doesn’t enjoy a freshly made s’more, with toasty, caramelized marshmallow melting into milk chocolate and delivered in between two crisp graham crackers? I know that I do, and I like the combination enough to experiment a bit with different variations on the theme, too. S’mores: Gourmet Treats For Every Occasion is a cookbook dedicated to the s’more and to creating tasty variations on it. ... Read More »

The Art and Soul of Baking

The Art and Soul of Baking is a new book from Sur La Table’s relatively young cookbook line. Things Cooks Love was published earlier this year and another book, Knives Cooks Love, is due out at the end of this month. The store is known for its top quality kitchenware, so it’s no surprise to see them putting it to good use in a book ... Read More »

Field Guide to Cookies

Field Guide to Cookies

Field Guide to Cookies is a little book that promises to deliver instructions on “How to Identify and Bake Virtually Every Cookie Imaginable” in its subtitle. That is a tall order for a pocket-sized volume to fill. The book is part of a series of “field guides” by Quirk Publishing. All the books are set up in a style similar to that of a “real” ... Read More »


Sugar is not the only option when it comes to sweeteners for baking. Other sweeteners, natural sweeteners, have spread from the shelves of specialty stores to more mainstream ones, where they are more accessible than ever before. Agave syrup, for instance, is just one of many.  The only drawback to having all these items available is that it can be difficult to figure out how ... Read More »

Dessert Express

Dessert is an easily overloked element of dinner – at least, making a real dessert is. It’s a great way to end a meal, but at a time when many cooks are pressed for time when it comes to preparing main meals, dessert is often put on the back burner and filled by scooping a dish of ice cream or taking a cookie out of ... Read More »

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