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Order The Baking Bites Cookbook now, for Christmas!

There are just two weeks left until Christmas, which means that if you want to order a copy of The Baking Bites Cookbook in time for holiday gift-giving, now is the time to do it! If you order in the next couple of days, a book with standard shipping (free for US purchases of $16.95!!) will definitely arrive by Christmas. If you wait more than ... Read More »


The cookbook Gingerbread, by by Jennifer McGlinn, is dedicated to all kinds of recipes that use the spicy, molasses-rich ingredients that come together to make gingerbread. It showcases these flavors in various forms, from waffles for breakfast to all kinds of cakes, cookies, candies and ice creams for dessert, and it turns out that gingerbread can be a very versatile thing! Of course, I’m still ... Read More »

The Art of the Dessert

The Art of the Dessert

When it comes to baking – and cooking in general – there is always a place for new ideas, but there is often no substitute for experience. Ann Amernick, author of The Art of the Dessert, has been in the pastry business a long time and shares a lot of her knowledge – as well as a lot of her recipes – in this volume. ... Read More »

Sweetness: Delicious Baked Treats for Every Occasion

Sweetness: Delicious Baked Treats for Every Occasion

While there is something to be said for massive cookbooks that seem to cover any dish that you might want to make, there is also a solid argument for smaller cookbooks that contain a narrower selection of recipes that you will probably want to make again and again. The Baking Bites Cookbook falls into this category, with easy to make recipes that primarily use things ... Read More »

Retro Desserts

Anyone who has ever set foot in a diner knows that nothing looks better than a big slice of mile-high strawberry shortcake, with layers of fluffy cake, whipped cream frosting and bright red, ripe berries. It’s a classic and it is one of the many recipes inside Retro Desserts: Totally Hip, Updated Classic Desserts from the ’40S, ’50S, 60s and ’70s. The cookbook, by Wayne ... Read More »

The Ungarnished Truth

The Ungarnished Truth

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to win a cooking contest? I would guess that this is not something that most of us think about on a daily basis, but it is a thought that might have popped into your head after reading about the last Pillsbury Bake Off or watching it on the Food Network. The Bake Off is the biggest ... Read More »

The Baking Bites Cookbook is now on Amazon

For all those of you who haven’t ordered  The Baking Bites Cookbook yet, the book is now on! This means that it’s even easier to order. There is still a slight discount over the Amazon price if you order it directly thorough my site, but it does qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping, which is great if you’re planning on ordering a few things ... Read More »

Cake Keeper Cakes

I first read the title of this book to be “keeper cakes” not “cake keeper cakes,” and while it was my first impression of the title that drew me to it, the overall message is the same. Cake Keeper Cakes is a book about cakes that are simple but delicious, and are the types of recipes that you not only want to make over again, ... Read More »

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