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Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes

Martha Stewart’s CupcakesThere are plenty of cupcake books out there, but most of them seem to focus on decorating the cupcakes, rather than just baking a great tasting cupcake. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, and it does help to set those cookbooks apart from being “just another cupcake book.” Sometimes, however, you just …

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What are your cookbooks worth?

Cookbook collection

I don’t know about you, but I recently realized that I have quite the cookbook collection going on here. Unlike stamps or trading cards, people rarely start out to build a cookbook collection. Instead, they grow over time as you add a book here and there, take up a new type of …

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Allergy-Free Desserts

Allergy-Free DessertsFood allergies can range in intensity from mildly annoying to deadly serious. They can force strict limits on what an allergy sufferer can, and cannot cook – which is especially tough if you’re used to whipping up a favorite batch of peanut butter cookies before your child is diagnosed with a peanut allergy, or …

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