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Gifts Cooks Love

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Gifts Cooks LoveWhile the title Gifts Cooks Love might sound like it is a catalog of baking gadgets and cooking tools, but it is actually a book of homemade gifts that you – as someone who loves to cook or bake – can make and give as gifts for any occasion, from housewarmings and …

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Glazed America

Glazed AmericaThere are many foods that have an interesting story behind them, where they came from and how they got to be so popular. Few foods, however, have a background that is as closely tied with American history and culture as the donut. This simple pastry is classic Americana. The donut was a recipe frequently …

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Spice Dreams

Spice DreamsWhen you think of ice cream, what flavors spring to mind? Vanilla, Chocolate, Chunky Monkey? Or do think more along the lines of flavors like Chili Lemongrass and Cardamom Mint? Spice Dreams is a cookbook all about herb and spice infused ice creams, and it includes both combinations that sound familiar and …

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