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Experimenting with Starter: Sourdough Banana Bread

I pulled my starter out of the fridge this morning to feed it. After I removed a cup from the dormant starter, I wondered if I could just use it to make a loaf without feeding it. I didn’t entirely expect it to work, so I threw in some stuff that was sitting around and I didn’t really knead it. Reflecting on this now, I ... Read More »

Gifts and Good Advice

I like baking for other people for a variety of reasons. Namely, I like baking and, generally, people enjoy eating what I make. This means that occasionally I will buy odd containers and plates that can be given away or used to store/carry baked goods. I picked up the neat paper loaf pans shown above at Sur La Table around the holidays, optimistically thinking that ... Read More »

And then there was Sourdough

Just days after having received my sourdough starter in the mail, I was able to bake my first sourdough bread. I followed the recipe that came with my starter, kindly provided by King Arthur Flour. The instructions seemed pretty detailed, and I set off with confidence. Looks like it worked, doesn’t it? Read More »

Feed Me!

Yeah, I know that I could have tried to attract wild yeast swirling around in the air and coax them into a friendly, flour and water living environment. But I didn’t. I ordered a starter from the Baker’s Catalogue. I fed it. I’m ready. This is how you know someone is serious about bread baking, because according to the instructions included with it, my starter ... Read More »

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