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Tips for shipping holiday baked goods

ready to ship!

Baked goods are fantastic gifts during the holidays. They’re always well-received at parties and gatherings and while they’re fun and often easy to make, they don’t quite offer the convenience of a store bought gift – especially if you want to ship off your present to friends or family that don’t live locally. To do this, not only do you need an idea of what treat you want to make, ... Read More »

How to make your own colored sugars

red sugar

While I enjoy icing cookies by hand, drawing little designs and other decorations (especially for gingerbread cookies), I always use a fair amount of colored sanding sugar around the holidays. Colored sugars are perfect for finishing off sugar cookies and butter cookies, giving them a fun and festive look for the holidays. In fact, it has always been a bit of a tradition for my ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

This week, I’m starting off the round of Bites with a reminder that you all might want to check out this year’s Menu for Hope. It’s for charity and you can win some great prizes from some of your favorite food bloggers. Moving on to the recipes, I was intrigued by Habeas Brulee‘s Forbidden Rice with Persimmon and Coconut. I’ve only had the “forbidden” purple ... Read More »

Gingerbread baking accessories

gingerbread baking stuff

 Clearly, gingerbread has been a theme here at Baking Bites for most of the month thanks to the gingerbread cookie contest currently going on (one more week to submit your cookies!). The obvious gingerbread accessory is a gingerbread man cookie cutter, either whole or prebitten, depending on how traditional you like your cookies to be. Another favorite of mine is the gingerbread man pan. Simply ... Read More »

Tips for getting sprinkles to stick

Butter and sugar cookies are natural vehicles for sprinkles, as the pale blonde cookies often look better when they are dressed up in some way. It is not always easy to get sprinkles to adhere to the cookie, especially if you would rather use something like chocolate jimmies or rainbow nonpareils, rather than just plain old colored sugars. Last month’s Cook’s Illustrated offered a great ... Read More »

Dress up your gingerbread cookies

gingerbread man with santa hat

Need an idea for decorating your gingerbread cookies this year? Whether you’re making them for the gingerbread cookie contest or just baking a batch to serve to your family, it never hurts to have a few original ideas to keep the look of the cookies fresh year after year. I dressed up this batch like paper dolls – edible paper dolls. When I was rolling ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

It is rapidly becoming cliche for me to say that there were so many good looking recipes out there this week that it was hard for me to narrow my favorites down to just a few links. But cliches are cliches for a reason and I wouldn’t bother to use the same phrase over and over if it weren’t true. On to the recipes: I ... Read More »

A plushie for bakers

I have always liked the giant microbes collection of plushies, which consists of soft and cuddly versions of various microorganisms. Most are cute versions of decidedly un-cute diseases - chicken pox, mad cow, the flu, etc. – but there is one that, as a baker, immediately caught my interest. The yeast plushie is an adorably blown-up version of the yeast used in bread and beer making. ... Read More »

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