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What is crème anglaise?

Creme anglaise

Crème anglaise is a very rich custard that is often used as a sauce with other desserts. It is sometimes described as a “pouring custard” because it is thin enough to be poured and is not, unlike some pudding-like custards, thick enough to be scooped for serving. The custard sauce is made with cream and egg yolks, lightly sweetened with sugar and lightly flavored with ... Read More »

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Chocolate bark is easy to make and so versatile, that every time I have it I wonder why I don’t make it more often. Vanilla Kitchen‘s White Chocolate Pineapple Coconut Bark is a great variation on the basic idea of a chocoalte bark. The bark is made with a white chocolate base and includes chewy shredded coconut, sweet dried pineapple and crunchy macadamia nuts. As ... Read More »

Food coloring gel vs non-gel

Food coloring bowls

Most supermarkets carry one basic type of food coloring, a water-based liquid that comes in red, blue, green and yellow. This type of food coloring works pretty well for most purposes. You can dye Easter eggs with it, get creative with cake batter colors and even add it to drinks to make things like plain milk a little more “interesting” (which I did as a ... Read More »

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Vin Santo is an Italian dessert wine made from grapes that are dried, pressed, fermented and aged into a very sweet and distinctive spirit. Noble Pig‘s Grape and Vin Santo Cakes is a great way to showcase its unique flavor, as the sweet and buttery cakes include whole grapes, in addition to a generous amount of Vin Santo, that play up the grapey flavors in ... Read More »

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One of White on Rice Couple‘s recent posts doesn’t need much more than an introduction to make your mouth water. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with cookie dough that is baked in a dish or ramekin. They should be served warm, with loads of ice cream on top, delivering a gooey, chocolatey, treat that is hot, cold and very decadent. As a big ... Read More »

What is puff pastry?

Puff pastry close up

Puff pastry is not just a riff on pie crust, although there are many instances where the pastry can be used in place of one. Puff pastry is a laminated dough that contains hundreds of thin layers of butter and pastry dough, which puffs up into a light, crispy pastry once it bakes in the oven. A laminated dough is one that has many layers, ... Read More »

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Thin, crispy and buttery, Flo Braker’s Pain d’Amande Cookies are simple, yet delicious. She generously shared the recipe with David Lebovitz, along with some great commentary on how the final version of the recipe was developed. The cookies specifically call for using a large crystal sugar, like raw sugar or turbinado sugar – because the sugar crystals add to the overall texture and crunch of ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Chocolate isn’t the only filling that can end up inside of a croissant. Picky Cook made Lemon Brioche Rolls, which are a variation on a croissant theme. The rich dough isn’t as flaky as the dough you might usually associate with a croissant, but it suits the lemon curd filling because it holds it in nicely, and the overall shape of the roll is the ... Read More »

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