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Can I substitute for maple syrup?

Maple Syrups

Maple syrup is a delicious syrup that is popular not only as a pancake and waffle topping, but as an ingredient in all kinds of recipes. Maple syrup is only made during a small window each year in a fairly labor-intensive process, so it tends to be fairly expensive and that means that many people don’t keep it on hand all the time and that ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Rich, buttery pound cakes are great recipes to have in your repertoire, because there is never a bad time for a pound cake. They are also very versatile cakes and you can do a lot with a basic recipe. First Look, Then Cook baked a Pistachio Pound Cake, a lovely twist on a classic cake for pistachio lovers. The cake is lightly flavored with citrus, ... Read More »

What are ladyfingers?


Ladyfingers are long, thin sponge cakes that have a shape that looks somewhat like a large finger – hence their name. They can be served as an accompaniment to desserts like ice creams, custards and coffees, but they are often used as a component in other desserts. Ladyfingers can be either soft and cakey or dry and crispy, but they always have a sponge-like texture. ... Read More »

5 Egg-cellent Easter Treats

Egg-cellent Easter Ideas

Coloring Easter eggs is a holiday tradition for people of all ages, not just for kids, but dying a bunch of hard boiled eggs isn’t the only way to have an egg-cellent easter. The following are five egg-centric recipes that are all fun and tasty ways to celebrate Easter with a little flair: Instead of buying all your Easter candy, you can make your own ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

If you have ever bought a roll of phyllo dough at the store, certain you are going to use it soon – but discover that same roll of dough, unused, in the freezer months later, you should definitely bookmark The Wednesday Chef‘s Lazy Spanikopita, because it is a wonderful and completely non-intimidating way to put that roll of dough to good use. The spanikopita is ... Read More »

What does it mean when an ingredient is “divided”?

Flour measuring cup

When you read through recipes, there are often modifiers listed after the ingredients that tell you how they are supposed to be used. For instance, onions might be listed as “onions, diced” or apples might be listed as “apples, peeled and cored.” Ingredients are also frequently listed as “divided,” especially in baking recipes. When an ingredient is listed as being “divided,” the recipe is giving ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Strawberry lemonade is lemonade that is spiked with a little bit of red fruit – such as strawberries – to give it a pink color and a little extra sweetness. The Brass Halo captured the flavor of this popular summer drink in a batch of Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes. The moist cupcakes themselves are lemon flavored. The “pink” comes in because they are topped off with ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

There are foods that celebrate St Patrick’s Day, and these Irish Potato Cookies from Bake at 350 are a great example. These little cookies actually look like potatoes – but don’t worry, there are no potatoes in the cookie dough. They are no-bake cookies made with cream cheese, pecans and plenty of confectioners’ sugar. The dough is easy to shape and once you have formed ... Read More »

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