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How to keep a graham cracker crust from getting soggy

Keep a graham cracker crust from getting soggy

Graham cracker crusts are easy to use, whether you bake them yourself or buy them at the store, because they take a lot less prep time and quite a bit less baking time than more traditional pastry crusts do. The drawback to them is that they got soggy very easily, a problem that is usually only made worse by the fact that the fillings placed ... Read More »

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Coffee lovers will immediately be inspired by Love and Olive Oil‘s Mud Pie with Homemade Decaf Coffee Ice Cream because of the creamy coffee filling of the pie. You can’t buy decaf coffee ice cream in the freezer case at your grocery store, but you can make it at home. It’s as easy as infusing an ice cream base with lots of decaf coffee beans. ... Read More »

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I recently had some ginger scones while I was out at a brunch, and while they were good, I bet that they weren’t as good as Everybody Likes Sandwiches‘ Ginger Whole Wheat Scones. Scones just taste their best when they are fresh and homemade. These scones use whole wheat flour and yogurt, so they are a bit healthier than your standard white flour and cream ... Read More »

Why is there coffee in my chocolate cake?

Coffee and Chocolate Cake

When you bake enough chocolate cakes, or simply look at enough chocolate cake recipes, you’ll notice a trend: many of them include coffee or instant coffee as an ingredient. This isn’t because most people are looking for a mocha-flavored cake. Rather, coffee is commonly included because it is a great way to enhance the flavor of cocoa powder, resulting in a more chocolaty cake – ... Read More »

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I’d say it was just the effect of my tropical vacation that made Desserts for Breakfast‘s Passionfruit Whoopie Pies appeal to me, but the truth is that I like passionfruit any time. These chocolaty whoopie pies sandwich a creamy, fruity filling that is made with vanilla frosting and passion fruit curd. The curd is homemade, with passion fruit juice or passion fruit nectar (which you ... Read More »

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Hummingbird cake has a sweet name and an even sweeter flavor, using bananas, pineapple, cinnamon, pecans and vanilla in a cake that really is unlike any other. Paris Pastry‘s Hummingbird Cake is a beautiful, layered afair that makes a great party cake. The ultra-moist cake is topped off with cream cheese frosting that goes well with all the fruity flavors in the cake itself. This ... Read More »

Good Housekeeping rates yellow cake mixes

Good Housekeeping rates yellow cake mixes

Cake mixes are convenient, to be sure, but no matter how convenient they are, it’s not worth using one if it’s not going to taste good. The Ad Hoc cake mix I tried recently is very tasty, but at $14 per box, it is priced way above a regular grocery store cake mix. How do those mixes stack up? Good Housekeeping put a few more ... Read More »

Ad Hoc Yellow Cake Mix, reviewed

Ad Hoc Yellow Cake Mix

A few weeks ago, I picked up a couple containers of Ad Hoc Milk and Dark Chocolate Frosting from Williams Sonoma because I couldn’t resist the chance to try some of chef Thomas Keller’s famous goodies in my own kitchen. At the same time, I picked up a box of Ad Hoc Yellow Cake Mix to go with the frosting. After all, gourmet frosting calls ... Read More »

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