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Where can I find natural food coloring?

india tree Food coloring

Food coloring can be added to food for a variety of reasons and is used to enhance the natural color of a dish as well as to introduce decorative color to one. The latter is particularly true in baking, where you might want to tint a frosting for a birthday cake or get a truly red shade on your red velvet cake. Everyone is going ... Read More »

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Sweet Cherrie Pie‘s Devil’s Food Hot Dogs might look like appetizer-sized savory sausages, but these little treats are actually made of cake! The dogs themselves are made with devil’s food chocolate cake that has been broken down and reshaped into links. The dogs are placed on choux pastry buns, which have a very realistic look to them, and they’re topped off with a drizzle of ... Read More »

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Eat Good 4 Life‘s Cheesecake Flan is a great twist on regular flan for fans of the custardy dessert, and a great twist on cheesecake for cream cheese lovers! The cheesecake is made just like a flan, with a layer of rich caramel on the bottom of the pan that infuses the dessert with flavor. The cheesecake is inverted before serving, giving it a flan-like ... Read More »

Do you need stale bread to make bread pudding?

Many bread pudding recipes call for stale bread, or ask you to leave your bread out on the counter to dry it out a bit before using it in a recipe. This stems from the fact that bread pudding was originally intended to be a way to give new life to bread that was a little stale, soaking it in a flavorful custard and baking ... Read More »

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Red velvet can come in many forms and Diamonds for Dessert‘s Red Velvet Shortbread Fireplaces are just one of them. These are cocoa-flavored shortbread cookies that get their deep red color from a bit of food coloring. To give them a distinctly winter theme, the cookies have been cut out into fireplace shapes and decorated – complete with flames and festive holiday garlands! Salted caramels ... Read More »

Cooks Illustrated reviews cake strips

Cake Strips

Cake strips are bands of material that wrap around the exterior of a cake pan, providing insulation and keeping cakes from baking unevenly. At least, this is what cake strips intend to do. Cakes usually bake from the outside in, with the edges of the cake baking before the center of the cake because the batter bakes faster when it is in contact with the ... Read More »

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Pastry Pal‘s White Chocolate Raspberry Tart is one of those showstopping desserts that your eyes will keep drifting to on the dessert table long before it is sliced. The tart is actually relatively simple and much easier to put together than it looks. It starts with a buttery tart shell that is spread with a thin layer of raspberry preserves and then piled full of ... Read More »

How to get sprinkles to stick to cookies

Cookies with Sprinkles

Adding sprinkles seems like an easy way to decorate a batch of butter cookies or other relatively plain-looking cookies for holiday or some other festive occasion. They’re bright, colorful and, unlike frostings and glazes, need no prep time. But sprinkles can come with their own problems because they don’t always end up where you want them to be; frequently, when you’re applying sprinkles, you end ... Read More »

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