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The name of the Sticky Fingers Bars that Ezra Pound Cake made up sounds very promising as a dessert, but doesn’t reveal much about what you’re going to get when you bite into to one. These bars are over the top treats that start with a buttery crust studded with peanuts and bits of Snickers bars (yes, the candy bar), topped with a sweet syrupy ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

If you’re looking for something to bake for your Valentine, these Valentine Heart Cookies from The Knead for Speed should do the trick. They’re brown sugar cookies with bright red hearts baked right in – so you get a valentine right in the cookie itself! The secret here is to make the red hearts separately and press them into the brown sugar cookies as you ... Read More »

A tour of the Bouchon Bakery, Yountville, CA

Baking bread for TFL

The Napa Valley is a hot spot for foodies due to the high concentration of top notch restaurants ad wineries in the area. But in with all the big names are lots of smaller places that are easily worth a stop. I have to include the Bouchon Bakery in this list because, although the bakery is one of Thomas Keller’s eateries, it is often overlooked ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Coca Cola is a surprisingly versatile ingredient. You might think of it only as a drink, but it can be a great addition to barbecue sauce, chocolate cake or even to a Mini Cherry Cola Kugelhopfs, like those that Maison Cupcake recently made. These miniature ring cakes are made with cherry cola, which gives them a uniquely sweet flavor and compliments the chocolate in the ... Read More »

5 Great Red Velvet Treats for Valentine’s Day

Red velvet is a popular cake, made with buttermilk, a hint of cocoa powder and a splash of red food coloring. The cake is usually topped with a rich cream cheese icing, which contributes to its popularity, but the bright red color of the cake is really what draws people in. This coloring also makes is a perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day treat, because ... Read More »

Whole milk vs low fat or skim milk in baking

Do I need to Scald Milk for Baking?

Many baking recipes call for milk as one of the main ingredients. Many recipes will call for a specific type of milk – whole milk, low fat, skim – and others will simply call for it without specifying the fat content. This brings a couple of questions to the surface: what is the difference between whole milk and skim milk, and does it matter what ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

When a whole pie is just too much, perhaps a smaller dessert might be in order – like the Mini Banana Cream Pies that Jumbo Empanadas baked up. These tarts are very simple and consist of layers of custard and sliced bananas. The tarts are each about the size of a single sliced banana, too! If you have a kitchen torch, take a moment to ... Read More »

Where can I find natural food coloring?

india tree Food coloring

Food coloring can be added to food for a variety of reasons and is used to enhance the natural color of a dish as well as to introduce decorative color to one. The latter is particularly true in baking, where you might want to tint a frosting for a birthday cake or get a truly red shade on your red velvet cake. Everyone is going ... Read More »

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