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Chocolate covered matzoh is a favorite treat for many of my friends at Passover, but it is only recently that that particular candy has started to seem a little more exciting as people take it a little more gourmet. The Matzo Toffee with Fleur de Sel that Whisk and Whimsy made up is a good example. A layer of buttery homemade toffee is spread over ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Rhubarb is a beautiful spring fruit that has a unique flavor, but is often paired with strawberries or other berries in desserts. Eat Little Bird‘s Rhubarb Custard Tea Cake beautifully showcases rhubarb, both its color and flavor. The dessert is a yellow cake that has a layer of custard that bakes right in the middle of it, giving you a dessert that is layered when ... Read More »

What is crème fraîche?

creme fraiche

Crème fraîche is a thick, cultured cream that is very popular in France and is growing in popularity in the US. The cream has a slightly nutty, slightly tangy taste to it but is much milder and with a more distinct cream flavor than sour cream. It has a high fat content, a rich consistency that is somewhere between heavy cream and sour cream, somewhat ... Read More »

What is the difference between jam, jelly and preserves?

Strawberry Preserves

Jams, jellies and preserves are three very common types of fruit spreads that can be used for everything from topping a toasted bagel to adding a sweet center to a buttery bar cookie. When you’re reaching for one to spread on a sandwich, it doesn’t matter which variety you choose as long as you like the flavor, but these three spreads are very different. Jelly ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Fans of the sweet Biscoff speculoos cookie spread will want to bookmark Have Cake Will Travel‘s Speculoos Baked Doughnuts. These light yeast donuts are made with the brown sugar cookie spread in the batter, along with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and white pepper for a gingerbread flavor. The donuts are baked, not fried, and they’re also made with whole grain flour. They’re topped off with a ... Read More »

Real Simple taste tests Butters

Butter Brands

The brand of butter that you buy may be influenced by where you shop, the price of the butter and even the packaging. most people don’t take the time to realize that not all butters are created equal and that the flavor can vary quite a bit from brand to brand. In a recent test, the magazine Real Simple tasted and compared 78 different brands ... Read More »

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When a recipe calls for a flavor extract, it typically calls for just one at a time. Cookie Madness‘s Five Flavor Sugar Cookies use a little bit of each of five different extracts – which means you could put almost every one in your pantry to use in one recipe. The sugar cookies include coconut, lemon, rum, butter, and vanilla extracts, which all meld together ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

St. Patrick’s Day will be coming soon, and the Baileys Irish Cream Cookies that Buttercream Blondie seem like they would be fun to celebrate with. The butter cookies have a generous amount of Irish cream liquor in them for flavor, and they’re sandwiched together with a tasty Irish cream filling. For a holiday look, be sure to dress them up with a Shamrock cookie cutter, ... Read More »

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