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Bacon-lovers will need to put the Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies that Gotta Get Baked at the top of their to-do list the next time the craving for chocolate chip cookies strikes. Bacon is candied by being covered in brown sugar and then baked in the oven until the bacon is crisp, which leaves the bacon with a deliciously sweet sugar coating and a crunchy ... Read More »

How to scrape a vanilla bean

Scraped vanilla bean pod

Vanilla extract is the most popular way to add vanilla flavoring to anything that you are baking or cooking. It is easy to use and less expensive than using whole vanilla beans. Vanilla bean seeds give baked goods a fantastic look, however, and you just can’t beat the flavor that a real vanilla bean can add when making something where that flavor can really stand ... Read More »

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On a hot summer day, an icebox cake is always a good choice for dessert because you don’t need to turn on your oven to prepare one. The Neapolitan Ice Box Cake from Bakers Royale is a showstopping cake, with dramatic layers of chocolate graham crackers, three flavors of Swiss meringue buttercream and topped off with chocolate cream cheese icing and chocolate glaze. It sounds ... Read More »

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Cakewalkr‘s Lemon Chocolate Cake is definitely a showstopper, with its luscious chocolate glaze and dramatic lemon drops rising high above the top of it. The cake itself features a tender lemon cake layered with rich chocolate buttercream frosting. The cake gets a little extra lemon flavor from lemon curd incorporated into the batter, while the frosting gets a kick from espresso. The decorations make it ... Read More »

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I’ve always said that strawberries and chocolate is a winning combination in any form and the Roasted Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream that She Makes and Bakes put together is the perfect example. This ice cream starts out with fresh strawberries that are roasted to intensify their natural sweetness and tenderize them. The roasted berries are added to a base of rich, chocolate ice cream during ... Read More »

Fresh Fruit vs Frozen Fruit in baking recipes

Fresh and frozen fruit

Many baking recipes call for frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit in recipes from muffins to pies. This is because frozen fruit is readily available regardless of season, it is consistent and easy to use. With an increased focus on seasonality, however, many bakers prefer to use fresh, in-season fruits over frozen, both to make good use of the ingredients they can find at their ... Read More »

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Malted milk and chocolate is a great combination, whether you’re indulging in a candy bar, enjoying an old fashioned milkshake at a diner or baking up a batch of Malted Milk Chocolate Whoopie Pies from Bakingdom‘s recent recipe. These whoopie pies start with a malted milk chocolate cookie, which are made with a generous amount of malted milk powder to ensure that that malt flavor ... Read More »

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When you want to indulge in a slice of fruit pie, but don’t need to bake a whole one, you might try the Individual Whole Peach Pies from Yummy Mummy. The pies are very simple to make: essentially, a whole peach is simply wrapped in a layer of flaky pie dough and baked until golden and crispy. Once baked, the peach pie packages look stunning ... Read More »

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