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What is bread flour?

Bread Flour

Bread flour is a high protein flour that is intended to be used in yeast breads and designed to give you a better result in those breads than you would get with another type of flour. The high protein content means that the flour has more gluten in it. The increased amount of gluten allows doughs make with bread flour to be extremely elastic, and ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Definitely Not Martha recently made some Pumpkin Coconut Cream Tartlets that are a neat twist on a traditional pumpkin pie. The single-serving size tarts have a pumpkin pie-like filling made with pumpkin puree, coconut milk and spices that is cooked on the stovetop and spooned into phyllo dough tart shells, then topped with a coconut whipped cream. The shells are baked ahead of time and ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Crepe cakes are desserts that are made by stacking up layer upon layer of fresh crepes with some kind of filling to create a towering dessert that looks impressive, but is easier to make than it looks. The Hungry Artist‘s Amaretto Crepe Cake starts out with lots of homemade crepes, which are flavored with a little bit of almond extract. The crepes are layered together ... Read More »

Autumn Cupcake Stencils

Autumn Stencils

One easy way to get a design on top of a cake or cupcakes is to use a stencil. The stencil typically involves some sort of cutout design that is placed over the top of the cupcake, then cocoa powder or confectioners’ sugar is sifted over the pattern. When the stencil is removed, all you have left is a sharp design on top of your ... Read More »

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Homemade hamburger buns are the perfect compliment to a backyard barbecue, because nothing will make a homemade burger taste better. Portuguese Girl Cooks baked up some Homemade Hamburger Buns with Cheddar and Black Pepper to bring even more flavor to her burgers. The yeast buns are easy to mix up, and are flavored with sharp cheddar cheese and lots of black pepper. It really brings ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

It is always good to be prepared for an emergency, and Half Baked‘s Hurricane Survival Brownies are good enough to help you weather any storm.The fudgy brownies are loaded with chocolate chips and they’re topped with a peanut butter cream cheese frosting that makes for a delicious (and addictive) peanut butter-chocolate combination. The brownies bake up quickly, so they can be ready to go on ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Bacon-lovers will need to put the Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies that Gotta Get Baked at the top of their to-do list the next time the craving for chocolate chip cookies strikes. Bacon is candied by being covered in brown sugar and then baked in the oven until the bacon is crisp, which leaves the bacon with a deliciously sweet sugar coating and a crunchy ... Read More »

How to scrape a vanilla bean

Scraped vanilla bean pod

Vanilla extract is the most popular way to add vanilla flavoring to anything that you are baking or cooking. It is easy to use and less expensive than using whole vanilla beans. Vanilla bean seeds give baked goods a fantastic look, however, and you just can’t beat the flavor that a real vanilla bean can add when making something where that flavor can really stand ... Read More »

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