Buttermilk Magic Cake

Butter milk Magic Cake

A lovely, layered dessert known as a “magic cake” has been pipping up on blogs all over the place lately. The cake is a dessert which magically turns itself into layers of cake and custard while baking in the oven, and it reminds me a lot of an impossible pie. Impossible pie is a type of custardy dessert that has a small amount of flour ... Read More »

Pie Bowl Pan

Pie Bowl Pan

Mini pies have been on a long, upward trend over the past year or so. While they haven’t quite overtaken cupcakes in terms of popularity, there are pie-only stores popping up in cities selling sweet and savory pies to people who want something other than a cupcake as a treat. As a result of the increased popularity of pies, we have started to see more ... Read More »

A Recipe App from Baking Bites + 2013 Rodelle Spring Sweepstakes

Baking's Best Basics App from Rodelle, KitchenAid and Baking Bites

Cold winter weather prompts many of us to spend extra time in the kitchen cooking and baking, but the springtime might be even better baking weather. As things warm up, all kinds of things come in to season and that makes me want to bake even more. If you’ve been experimenting with some springtime recipes, you should consider entering your creations in Rodelle’s Spring Sweepstakes. ... Read More »

Progressive Cherry-It Pitter

Progressive Cherry-It Pitter

I love working with cherries to make cobblers and pies, but I find that I will often reach for frozen or jarred cherries for convenience, rather than choose to work with fresh cherries. I do work with fresh cherries some of the time, but pitting them is a very time consuming endeavor and you can get great quality frozen and jarred cherries all year long. ... Read More »

Fluffernutter Whoopie Pies

Fluffernutter Whoopie Pies

A fluffernutter is a sandwich that is filled with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff or marshmallow cream. The combination of sweet and salty works extremely well, making this gooey sandwich a favorite of just about any kid who has even had one. It’s the kind of thing that I don’t necessarily eat on a regular basis as an adult, but I still can’t resist the ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Brownies are a staple recipe, like chocolate chip cookies or banana bread, and it never hurts to have a few ideas for variations so that you can jazz them up a bit. London Bakes‘ Orange and Almond Brownies are decadent, flourless brownies that are infused with orange zest and ground almonds, which gives them a unique flavor. The brownies are very rich, with an intense ... Read More »

How long should melted butter cool before using it in a recipe?

Melted Butter

Butter is typically used in one of three ways in a recipe: cold, softened or melted. Cold butter is typically cut in to a mixture of dry ingredients. Softened butter is used in recipes that require the butter to be creamed, such as cookie dough and frostings. Melted butter can be used in many recipes, and often it is stirred into a dry mixture along ... Read More »

Wilton Bar Pan

Wilton bar Pan

The corner piece from a batch of brownies is a sought-after piece. The edges are firmer and chewier than the center of the brownies, so they not only have a good texture to them, but they present a welcome contrast to a very fudgy brownie. Not everyone likes the corner pieces, just as not everyone likes the center pieces, but those who do often lament ... Read More »

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