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“Easy” must have been a quality on my mind this week, as most of the recipes that appealed to me were the kind that baked fast and came together even faster. This leaves more time for snacking – and more time to look for even more recipes, right? Recipes that turn out jumbo-sized cookies tend not to make too many of them, largely because you’re getting two or ... Read More »

Scents sell

chocolate chip cookies, freshly baked

I’ve heard it said that the scent of freshly baked bread can help to sell a house, giving it a cozy feel and a livable aroma even when the house is brand new. I’m sure more than one realtor has tried to use it to help promote a property during an open house, resorting to a bread machine if they’re not familiar with working with ... Read More »

Instant coffee for baking

medaglia d'oro instant espresso jar

I have two espresso machines (don’t ask why I have two – even I would say that you really only need one) and a regular drip coffee maker, so I have no shortage of caffeinated beverages in my kitchen. I still sometimes include instant coffee powder or instant espresso powder in my recipes, though, and am often asked why this is. Instant coffee powder is ... Read More »

Push-n-Pull Tool

Push-n-Pull Tool in action

Imagine this: you’re baking a pair of 8-inch round cakes, intending to make a layer cake once they have baked and cooled. The cakes are in the oven cooking away and you notice that they are browning unevenly. You open the oven, reach inside to adjust the pans and after moving the first pan, jump back with a yelp because you accidentally touched the wall of ... Read More »

Coconut Cream Pie

coconut cream pie

 Cream pies, more than any other, seem to scream ”comfort food” - even if you (like me) generally tend to prefer fruit pies, like apple. They’re not merely satisfying, but they’re so indulgent that you have to set aside any concerns about overly decadent desserts to fully enjoy the smooth, rich custard and fluffy whipped cream of the pies. Perhaps it’s comforting to not have – or to ... Read More »


The hunt for baking inspiration often leads me away from some of my go-to cookbooks and on a search for ones with more unusual recipes. I’m not always inclined to purchase such cookbooks, as there are many that I know I won’t cook from regardless of how inspirational they are (some of the cookbooks where the pastries might be mistaken for exhibits at a modern ... Read More »

White Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

White Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

Slathered in butter, dipped in gravy, soaking up sauce – dinner rolls can certainly play a very important roll in an evening meal. This isn’t to say that they’re required, but there is a reason that so many restaurants will put out a basket of dinner rolls for every table that comes in. The inspiration for these dinner rolls came from Susan at Farmgirl Fare, who mentioned ... Read More »

EW bakes with sugar substitutes

Eating Well's 'sugar' cookies

There is really nothing that can replace real sugar when it comes to baking, especially when it comes to sweets and pastries. Sugar sweetens, enhances other flavors and acts as a preservative in most baked goods. It also adds a lot of calories that not everyone wants and can, for other medical reasons, be off-limits to some people. There are lots of sugar alternatives on ... Read More »

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