Carrot, Apple and Honey Muffins

carrot muffins

In contrast to the relative indulgent Black Bottom Cupcakes that show up on so many cafe menus in the morning (and bake sale tables in the afternoon!), these Carrot, Apple and Honey Muffins seem to be even more virtuous than they actually are. And they are pretty good for you – as well as pretty darn tasty. The muffins are moist, tender and relatively low ... Read More »

When cupcakes get crafty

crafty cakes

Craft blogs and food blogs seem to go hand in hand, largely because many crafty people like to put their creativity to the test in the kitchen from time to time and those who are creative with food like to play around with inedible things, as well. Rarely, however, are the two combined as overtly as they are in Vegan Yum Yum‘s Knit Night Cupcakes. ... Read More »

Black Bottom Cupcakes

black bottom cupcakes

Black Bottom Cupcakes are definitely a dessert in my book, but I must be the only one who thinks that way, as just about every coffee shop and bakery that stocks them (including Starbucks) puts these out for breakfast. They are moist chocolate cakes with cheesecake-like centers, rich and decadent – especially if you are eating them in the morning. The cupcakes are tricky to ... Read More »

5-second rule put to the test

A college professor and her students at Connecticut College, in New London, CT, have put the “5-second rule” to the test in a real world environment to see how the long-standing “rule” stood up. The “5-second rule” is a bit of conventional wisdom/old wives tale that says a piece of food that has fallen onto the floor is fine to eat if you retrieve it ... Read More »

How far will you go for ingredients?

While I appreciate recipes that allow me to use ingredients I have on hand, I don’t mind ones that present me with unusual ingredients if they promise a particularly tasty result. For instance, seeking out a particular spice blend for a curry dish at an ethnic market or going to a specialty bake shop for a particular flavoring every once in a while is no ... Read More »

100% kid friendly programming, 80% junk food advertising

Kids have long been a major target for advertisers because even though they don’t do the buying, they exert a lot of influence over what products are purchased for a household. A rapidly increasing obesity rate triggered concern over the prevalence of such ads – especially after a connection between the number of food ads viewed and weight gain was made. Advertisers say that they ... Read More »

Portable Lap Counter

lap counter

Admit it: at one time or another you have carried a tray or a bowl away from the kitchen and over to the couch so that you could watch TV while you prepped and peeled veggies, whipped egg whites or kneaded bread dough. There’s nothing wrong with that. It can be tough on the back when you’re standing up, leaning over a counter for hours on end ... Read More »

Blackberry Cobbler

cobbler, served

Sometimes I think of cobbler as pie for lazy people, as it delivers all the delicious flavor of a well-made fruit pie without requiring you to go to any of the trouble of making a full pie crust. Or at least, I tend to make them when I want something homey without the effort of doing a full pie from scratch. They’re definitely a favorite summer ... Read More »

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