The Cornbread Gospels

Cornbread is one of those foods that people seem to develop strangely strong feelings about. Not that there’s anything wrong with preferring one type of cornbread over another, but I’m been to a barbecue or two where the argument over whether cake-like cornbread or skillet cornbread was better got even hotter than the grill did! For cornbread fans, The Cornbread Gospels is a cookbook dedicated ... Read More »

Le Whif delivers chocolate without calories

Do you remember the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Willy Wonka introduces some three-course-meal gum, which gives the chewer the flavor experience of eating a full meal without any of the actual food (or the calories)? It seems that science has come up with a Wonka-like gadget that delivers the flavor of chocolate at the touch of a button – without the ... Read More »

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! And if you’re not celebrating the holiday, I certainly hope that you still took the time to enjoy the morning. I was lucky enough to end up with some lovely, warm spring weather for brunch! I already mentioned a lot of brunch items I was planning on serving, but I wanted to add one to the list: Strawberry Jam Crumb Coffee Cake. ... Read More »

Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding Cups

I used to love eating those layered Jello pudding cups, the ones that had chocolate on the bottom, vanilla in the middle and chocolate on top. The vanilla layer was my favorite part, as a whole container of chocolate pudding could be a little on the rich side (at the time, anyway). These days, the Jello pudding cups don’t quite do it for me, but ... Read More »

Let’s Eat Earrings and Necklace

Let's Eat Earrings and Necklace

What are the three most basic tools a foodie should have in the kitchen? My first guess might be a mixing bowl, a frying pan and a whisk, but I think that the answer is even more basic: a fork, a spoon and a knife. On this Let’s Eat Necklace, these three tools are featured in miniature. The sterling silver tools are each 1-inch high, ... Read More »

Ideas for Easter Brunch

Brunch will probably always be one of my favorite meals because you can serve just about anything and it will be absolutely appropriate for the occasion. Breakfast food, lunch dishes, muffins, pastries, desserts and boozy drinks all fit nicely into the category. Easter has always been one of my favorite brunching occasions because, most years, it is warm enough to sit outside and it really ... Read More »

3D Bunny Cookie Cutters

3D Bunny Cookie Cutters

If decorating Easter Eggs doesn’t offer quite enough opportunity for hands-on crafting this year, there are plenty of other options to make creative and cute things in the kitchen. You can make Peeps cupcakes, for instance, or you can pick up a set of 3D Bunny Cookie Cutters and make some awfully cute cookies. The cookie cutters, which come in a set of four and ... Read More »

Vanilla Yogurt Cheesecake

Vanilla Yogurt Cheesecake, from above

I recently had an interesting discussion about how many types of cheesecake there are. My friend seemed to feel that there were an almost uncountable number of cheesecake flavors – cookie dough, mocha, raspberry, marble, etc. – that all these were types of cheesecake. I disagreed. While there are lots of different cheesecake recipes, a basic cheesecake with different types of add-ins does not make ... Read More »

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