Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Compared to fresh fruits and dried fruits, freeze dried fruits are not really all that flavorful. But they do have some advantages over their juicier counterparts. For instance, they can be stored pretty much indefinitely without spoiling. They can also be worked into recipes where other types of fruit just won’t work out. This property turns out to be a great advantage when you like ... Read More »

Large Flexible Mixing Bowl

Large Flexible Mixing Bowl

Mixing bowls, even those that are designed with little spouts on the sides, are not really made for pouring. Liquids tend to overrun the tiny spout when pouring, and dry ingredients also need a lot more direction than the design can offer. For liquids and batters, a measuring cup with a more defined spout tends to be the best option. For dry ingredients, I find ... Read More »

PB Loco Jungle Banana Peanut Butter, reviewed

If you go to a big supermarket, you’ll see two basic kinds of peanut butter: creamy and crunchy. If you’re lucky, you might also see a honey roasted flavor in the mix. But peanuts go with so many flavors that it actually seems a bit odd that there aren’t more flavored peanut butter options out there. Fortunately, however, a company called P.B. Loco makes more ... Read More »

Multi-Tier Mini Cake Pan

Over the past few years, cupcakes have found a solid niche in the world of weddings. The fact that they’re easy to serve and cute makes them a great choice, even though you loose a little of the traditional look of a cake. Wedding cakes are the biggest project that a baker can take on. They’re not necessarily as difficult to make as some of ... Read More »

No-Knead White Bread

No-Knead Pot Bread, interior

Bread baking is perceived as being a very time-consuming and tricky process, with yeast, flour, proofing and shaping to contend with. This is why the concept of low-maintenance “no-knead” bread is so appealing. I tend to think that bread making only seems time consuming because of the long rises, not the few minutes of kneading dough, but I’m always up for a recipe that is ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

Vin Santo is an Italian dessert wine made from grapes that are dried, pressed, fermented and aged into a very sweet and distinctive spirit. Noble Pig‘s Grape and Vin Santo Cakes is a great way to showcase its unique flavor, as the sweet and buttery cakes include whole grapes, in addition to a generous amount of Vin Santo, that play up the grapey flavors in ... Read More »

Chill iced tea with frozen fruit

The principle behind iced tea is simple: make hot tea and serve it cold. Unfortunately, getting a good batch of iced tea is not always as easy as it sounds. It’s easy to over-steep the tea, making it bitter, and it is equally easy to over dilute it with ice, leaving you with a less-than-refreshing drink. I find that the best way to make iced ... Read More »

Write-On Glassware

Write-On Glassware

I like to make lists, whether they’re grocery lists, lists of recipes that I want to work on or lists of friends I haven’t delivered baked goods to in a while. It is always over the first cup of coffee in the morning that things start to come into focus and I tend to write on what’s available at the moment; just like remembering a ... Read More »

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