Super Snacks for Super Sunday

I hope that at least a few of you are football fans, like I am, but even if you’re not, I know that the biggest thing going this weekend is the Super Bowl and that many of you will be watching it (or at least checking out some of the commercials), or entertaining friends while the game plays in the background. Naturally, you’ll need some ... Read More »

Knife Hook

knife hook

Every cook has a time when he or she has just been boiling – and I’m not talking about water. I’m talking about the times when your brownies have overcooked, your veggies just won’t turn out quite right and your roast won’t hit its mark on the meat thermometer even after an extra hour in the oven, on top of which your microwave won’t work, ... Read More »

Sweethearts Cake Pan

Sweethearts Cake Pan

There are two things that jump to mind when someone mentions a filled cake. One is a simple layer cake, sliced in half and filled with jam or buttercream. The other is a molten center cake – always a Valentine’s Day favorite – that is a chocolate cake with a chocolate truffle center, which melts as the cake bakes and leaves you with a rich ... Read More »

Don’t drink from the tap?

Is bottled water really better than tap when it comes to drinking water? When it comes to hot water, it may be.  A recent NY Times article points to research conducted by environmental scientists that hot tap water is more likely to be contaminated with lead than cold water. The reason for this is that hot water will dissolve anything – including contaminants like lead ... Read More »

Parmesan Pretzel Sticks

Parmesan Pretzel Sticks

I’m a huge soft pretzel fan. Whether they’re homemade or store-bought (preferably from a store or market that specializes, to some degree, in pretzel production), I’m usually happy to munch on a salted pretzel with a bit of mustard. But pretzels certainly come on more forms than soft, and the crunchy variety certainly has its uses, especially where dips are concerned. I had never had ... Read More »

Bites from other Blogs

This week’s bites are all over the place – no theme here. A couple on the decadent dessert side and a couple on the savory side.  All, as usual, look very tempting. I don’t know how many of you are fans of Starbucks Frappuccinos, but I’m going to assume that you’ve had at least one or two blended coffee drinks that you’ve enjoyed. If so, ... Read More »

Giant Sugar Crystals

Giant Sugar Crystals

I don’t deny that I have a sweet tooth, and after talking about the differences between demerara sugar, muscovado sugar and turbinado sugars, I couldn’t resist mentioning one more interesting type of natural sugar: sugar crystals. Sugar is crystalline in its normal state, but “sugar crystals” is used as a name to describe unusually large crystals of sugar. The crystals are formed just the way ... Read More »

Getting a clean cake slice

flexible cake spatula

After mentioning the bake-in pie spatula, I began to wonder if there was an equivalent product for cakes, and if there wasn’t, why not. The first slice of a cake is at least as difficult to get out of the pan as the first slice of a pie, especially for homemade cakes, which are often frosted and served straight from the pan. It’s hard to ... Read More »

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