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Baking Bites is a site for those who love cooking and baking, whether your preference is to whip up simple chocolate chip cookies, decorate fanciful cupcakes to slow-rising artisan breads. It is a resource for home bakers to learn about common baking techniques, how to use different ingredients and for hundreds of fantastically delicious recipes. Baking Bites was named as one of the best 50 food blogs in the world by the London Times, and has been featured in other newspapers and publications, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Sacramento Bee, The Vancouver Sun and People Magazine Country Edition. The site is included by Saveur.com on their “Sites We Love” list and was named as a top industry food blog by PreGel magazine. Baking Bites was also recently honored by PBS as one of the top food blogs of 2013. The site was founded in 2004.

Who writes Baking Bites?

Baking Bites is written by Nicole Weston. Nicole – a pastry chef, food writer and recipe developer based in Los Angeles, California – was an avid early reader of food blogs before she started writing herself, and was in the kitchen baking away long before that. It didn’t take too long for her to put the two interests together and launch her own food blog back in 2004. Since then, Nicole has written The Baking Bites Cookbook (& updated ebook), How to Make Frozen YogurtHow to Make Ice CreamHow to Make Vegan Frozen Desserts and Tiki Drinks: Tropical Cocktails for the Modern Bar - with plans to do more. She also blogs about coffee at Brewed Daily, cocktails at Modern Tiki and runs a popular travel blog at Travels with Nic and Rob.

Outside of her own kitchen, Nicole regular judges culinary competitions. She is a fixture at many of the baking contests held at the LA County Fair each year and has guest-judged at the San Diego County Fair. She has served as a judge for the Pillsbury Bake-Off, joining a group of accomplished food professions to hand out a $1 million dollar prize to one talented home cook, and has tasted dozens upon dozens of pies as a judge for the American Pie Council National Pie Championships.

Nicole has a BA in Linguistics from UC Berkeley and holds a certificate in professional pastry from the New School of Cooking in Los Angeles. She has also completed the coursework for advanced chocolatier training at Callebaut Chocolate Academy and has taken classes with MOF Stephane Treand. Nicole does all the cooking, baking, photographing and taste-testing for Baking Bites herself – but she is able to track down at least a few people willing to have a bite (or three) to get second opinions on those recipes, as well. Friends, neighbors and acquaintances are all fair game.

When she’s not baking, writing or traveling, Nicole can be found out at the barn. She is a longtime horseback rider and has ridden many different disciplines, but currently competes in dressage. She is a big supporter of the versatile American Saddlebred, whether for pleasure riding, driving or sporthorse pursuits. Her other love is dancing – both salsa and ballet – where she can burn off some of the calories from taste testing all of the Baking Bites goodies.

Nicole can be reached at nicole @ bakingbites.com and is on both Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Great site!

  2. Your blog about buying saffron in Morocco is very funny…
    a cautionary tale for all tourists.
    I will try your Saffron Olive Oil cake recipe. I can already
    smell the beautiful complexities of saffron and olive oil.

  3. I have been reading your blog off an on for several months, awesome! I just read the About you and have to congratulate you on your many accomplishments and ask one question “When do you sleep ?”

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