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Bites from other BlogsSummer is a time for simple desserts, either because you want to spend time enjoying the nice weather ¬†or because it’s too hot inside to linger over the stove. These desserts are on the quicker side, so you won’t be stuck indoors all day long just to make a treat for friends and family.

  • If you have ever had fried ice cream at a Mexican restaurant, you’ll enjoy Thirsty Radish‘s No Churn Mexican Ice Cream. The ice cream recipe has a cinnamon sugar-coated cornflake mixture folded in, which gives the ice cream the same crunch that you get from fried ice cream. The ice cream base has a hint of tequila and vanilla in it, and doesn’t require and ice cream maker to put it all together.
  • Let’s Eat Cake‘s Strawberry Banana Cupcakes offer a simple way to get into the spirit of summer baking. The banana bread-like cupcakes are packed with finely chopped fresh strawberries, which work well in the already moist cake batter. The fruity cakes are finished with a vanilla frosting that adds a nice additional sweetness to each bite.
  • Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt‘s Strawberry Lemon Cookie Cups are a cute dessert option because each cookie looks like a little tart! The recipe starts with buttery sugar cookie cups, which are baked in muffin tins to give them their shape. After baking, the cups are filled with a homemade strawberry lemon curd that is bursting with summer flavor. You could adapt this recipe to fit mini muffin tins for an even cuter, bite-size option.
  • This Blueberry Bundt Cake with Elderflower Glaze from Drizzld is another cake that is quick to mix up and bake, through it needs a bit longer in the oven than some of the other recipes on today’s list. The fluffy bundt cake is made with tangy greek yogurt and flavored with a touch of vanilla, then packed with in-season blueberries. An elderflower glaze is a simple and flavorful way to finish off the cake.
  • Recipe Throwback: The next time you’re in need of a simple summer dessert, look no further than this Buttermilk Blueberry Clafoutis. The custardy dish is bursting with berry flavor and it only takes a few minutes to put it together. A clafoutis is a little bit like a tart without a crust, so you could absolutely consider this to be a lighter summer treat, as well.

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