Baking Bites for Craftsy: Chocolate Truffle Brownies

Baking Bites for Craftsy: Chocolate Truffle Brownies
I love making chocolate treats for friends and family around Valentine’s Day. Sure, there are a lot of great chocolates out there that you can buy to celebrate (and indulge) the holiday, but there is always something a little more special about homemade goodies. Chocolate truffles, which are easy to make and always delicious, are a natural choice if you’re looking for a homemade treat. If you want to take those truffles to the next level, combine them with a fudgy brownie base in my Chocolate Truffle Brownies. I’m sharing the recipe over on the Craftsy blog (it’s free) right now, so you have plenty of time to make them before February 14th.

The brownies are made with dark chocolate and studded with chocolate chips, then topped with a velvety ganache that is also made with dark chocolate. They’ll practically melt in your mouth. Traditional truffles may be a bit easier to make, but these are less labor-intensive because you don’t need to hand roll every piece. Once the brownies are baked and the ganache is set, simply slice and serve!


  1. I have such a weakness for sweet things in general, but especially chocolate. Maybe I should think about adding a dessert to date night in with bae this Vday…

  2. There is no salt in the ingredients list, even though it refers to adding the flour and salt.

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