National Biscuit Month Giveaway with White Lily! (closed)

National Biscuit Month Giveaway with White Lily!

September is National Biscuit Month. You probably don’t need an excuse to eat a batch of buttery, fluffy biscuits, but there is nothing like a little motivation to get you into the kitchen to make them. Biscuits are easy to make and only require a few ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen, such as butter, flour and buttermilk. To get your biscuit-baking off on the right foot, I’m partnering with White Lily to give away a biscuit-inspired goodie bag that includes White Lily Self-Rising Flour, a flour sifter, biscuit cutter, tote bag and notebook (for all your favorite biscuit recipes) to one lucky reader! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite way to eat biscuits. Is it drizzled with honey? Slathered with butter? Topped with gravy and served with a side of fried chicken? The options are just about endless. Be sure to leave your e-mail address when you fill out the comment form (it will not be made public), as that is how I will contact the winner. The giveaway goes from now until Monday, September 19th at 11:59pm, so don’t wait to get your entry in! 

If you are looking for a few recipes to kick off your baking, start with my Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits, a classic recipe that uses White Lily self-rising flour and only has three ingredients. These other biscuit favorites are well worth trying, too:

Update: This giveaway is now closed. A winner will be announced shortly!


  1. I like to eat my biscuits with Downey’s honey-butter and Muiredhead pumpkin butter, the best butters to eat a hot biscuit.

  2. biscuits with honey!

  3. Butter and creamed honey…or butter and sorghum syrup…or butter and raspberry jam..or just butter, lol. Thanks so much for your recipes and this sweet giveaway!

  4. As long as they’re hot and fresh, there is no bad way to eat them–esp if they are made with White Lily! I buy a bag whenever I’m in the south.

  5. Butter and honey

  6. It might be weird but I like them with peanut butter and strawberry preserves.

  7. As long as they’re fresh out of the oven and very buttery, I just use some nice strawberry preserves and nothing else.

  8. Smothered steak and gravy biscuits sounds like heaven to me!! Thank you!

  9. I love biscuits and gravy.

  10. biscuits ‘n gravy are the best!

  11. Cut in half with local made cane syrup poured over hot biscuit halves we eat this for dessert in north Florida

  12. I like mind opened with butter

  13. I mine open covered with home-made gravy and bacon on the side.

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