Ateco Muffin Pan Brush

Ateco Muffin Pan Brush
Even though you usually insert paper liners into them when baking, muffin pans are notoriously difficult to clean. Muffin and cupcake batters inevitably overflow onto the top of the pan, and drips of batter have ways of working themselves down into the bottom corners of each cup. When baking without paper liners, you typically have twice as many crumbs clinging to the pan. A good soak or scrub usually does the trick, but square sponges aren’t meant to get into the small, round corners of muffin cups. The Ateco Muffin Pan Brush is a scrub brush designed specifically for cleaning muffin pans. The stiff-bristled brush is the same size and shape as a standard muffin cup, which means that you can simply insert the brush and give it a twist to scrub out even stubborn crumbs! The brush will not damage nonstick pans, either.

The brush could be used for other kitchen cleaning, but you’ll want to preserve the shape of this one by not using it for touch scrubbing jobs. The nylon bristles could also help to clean the nooks and crannies of bundt pans, however, even though the shape isn’t designed specifically for cleaning them. The small brush will make cleanup such a breeze that you just might find yourself in the mood to bake muffins a little more often.

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  1. have you tried this on non stick pans?

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