Williams Sonoma All Purpose Pan

Williams Sonoma All Purpose Pan
My kitchen is packed with pans of all shapes and sizes, and I put most of them to use on a regular basis. There are a few pans, however, that get a lot more use than the others because I can use them for so many things. In my case, these pans are traditional sheet pans and smaller jelly roll pans, which can be used for cake layers, cookies, scones and all types of other baked goods, sweet and savory. The Williams Sonoma All Purpose Pan is designed to be the go-to pan in your pantry, good for almost all of your baking needs. The pan is just specialized enough that it offers bakers a few more options than a standard sheet pan, too.

The durable aluminized-steel pan has a nonstick finish and measures 12 3/4-inches by 17 3/4-inches, with sides that are 1 1/2 inches high. The relative high rising sides make it a good choice for thin cake layers and bar cookies, as few bar cookie recipes reach that thickness at their maximum height. The base of the pan has six shallow cavities, each measuring 4-inches across. These cavities are idea for shaping large bakery-style cookies, baking muffin tops or portioning batches of biscuit and scone dough. It can be used for roasting pieces of meat or chopped up veggies, as well as for other baked goods. It is sure to get a lot of use and it’s a great choice for someone looking to expand their pan collection without taking up a lot of additional cabinet space.

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