Sweet Tooth Baking Cups

Sweet Tooth Baking Cups

I definitely have a sweet tooth and, while I don’t want things to be tooth-achingly sweet, I tend to think that desserts should be at least a little bit sweet! Sugar not only helps to bring out the flavor of the ingredients in a cake, but it also adds to the texture of baked goods of all types. When I saw the Sweet Tooth Baking Cups from Fred, they immediately put a big (toothy!) grin on my face because I thought they were such a fun idea. The silicone baking cups are shaped like giant back teeth. They’re stable enough to stand on their own while they bake, allowing a cake batter to rise up and fill the tooth mold to the top. The cups are almost the same size as standard muffin cup, perhaps a bit deeper, so you will easily be able to adapt your favorite cupcake recipe to work with them without needing to add more than a minute or two to the baking time.

The molds come in a set of four, which means you’ll want to pick up more than one set if you plan on having a sweet tooth-themed party. Alternatively, you can simply scale down your favorite recipe to make four cakes, if you only want a small batch. The silicone molds are nonstick and easy to clean, so they can be used again and again!


  1. I love those cups! They are so cute!

  2. I love these baking cups !They are so funny! It is also nice to know that they are easy to clean! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to purchase them! :)

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