Nordic Ware Cinnamon Bun Pan

Nordic Ware Cinnamon Bun Pan
A batch of warm, sticky cinnamon buns is a wonderful treat on a lazy weekend morning. They’re actually a wonderful treat any time, however you are much more likely to spend a few hours making a batch on a Sunday than on a busy weekday morning. Cinnamon buns are a relatively time consuming pastry to make, since the bread must be kneaded, proofed, filled and shaped before baking. One way to make the process a little bit easier is to have a great go-to pan for baking your cinnamon buns, so you don’t need to scramble around looking for bakeware at the last minute. Nordic Ware’s Cinnamon Bun Pan is a fun pan to add to your collection if you’re a cinnamon bun lover. You prepare your dough as usual and place each shaped bun over the top of one of the pan’s round cavities. The dough will spread to fill the pan during baking, leaving you with perfectly shaped cinnamon rolls every time – no square corners from rectangular baking pans or oblong buns from the edge of a round pan.

The pan is made of heavy-duty cast aluminum and has a nonstick interior to ensure a clean release of even the stickiest buns. It also helps encourage even browning for all of your buns. In addition to baking cinnamon buns, you could use this pan for other pull-apart breads or even spiced cakes that you want to give a fun, swirled look to.

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