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Baking Bites for Craftsy: Chocolate Martinis, Three Ways

How to Make A Chocolate Martini
I haven’t ordered a chocolate martini off of a restaurant menu in years because the drink is a little bit out of fashion when compared to the prohibition-era cocktails dominating menus these days. There is one time of the year when the chocolate martini gets to return to the spotlight and that is Valentine’s Day. One sip of this drinkable chocolate treat and you’ll remember why it was such a hit in the first place – and wonder why people don’t make them more often now. I posted a delicious Chocolate Martini recipe over at the Craftsy blog that is a wonderful way to raise a toast to your Valentine this weekend!! In case the original chocolate isn’t enough for you – perhaps you prefer the variety that comes with a whole box of truffles – I also included variations for a Mexican Chocolate Martini and an Orange Chocolate Martini that are both perfectly decadent additions to any celebration.

Chocolate Martinis, Three Ways

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