Wilton Cocoa Trimming Kit, reviewed

Wilton Cocoa Trimming Kit, reviewed
As much as I love coffee, I am always up for a cup of hot cocoa when it is cold outside – especially if I can dress that cocoa up with a shot or two of espresso and a couple of marshmallows! I often make homemade marshmallows during the holidays, as they’re both a good hot cocoa topper and a great gift, but I won’t say no to a regular marshmallow if one is available. The Wilton Cocoa Trimming Kit caught my eye as a great way to dress up a mug of hot chocolate for the holidays. The kit includes five adorable snowman-shaped marshmallows and five peppermint sticks.

The marshmallows are all picture perfect and you can tell that a lot of care went into their design. The marshmallow is quite dense and sweet, but this means that the snowmen hold their shape even after spending several minutes in a hot mug. The peppermint sticks melt at a nice rate and have a subtle peppermint flavor that won’t dominate your hot chocolate. I thought it was a great combination and you can’t beat the look. That said, I did have one small complaint: I couldn’t get the marshmallows to stand up against the edge of the cup as shown in the picture on the box. When you drop them in, the snowmen have a tendency to dip below the surface, giving them a less-than-pristine look by the time the cocoa is served. I recommend placing the marshmallows on a spoon and carefully lowering them into your mug. It is worth spending a few seconds doing this to get that perfect snowy day mug of hot cocoa.

Wilton Cocoa Trimming Kit, reviewed

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