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Scenes from LA Times’ The Taste, 2014

Nicole @ The Taste

Los Angeles Times’ The Taste is a huge annual food festival that showcases Los Angeles chefs and restaurants, as well as  many spirit, wine and other vendors. The festival lasts three days and is held at the Paramount Studios lot – which is good, because with so many people and so many vendors, you need a lot of space!

Paramount Studios

LA Times The Taste Food Festival

The Taste is broken up into several smaller events, so while you can buy a pass for the whole weekend, you can also buy tickets to individual events: lunch/brunch or dinner. The tickets might seem a little pricey, but everything – all your food (30+ restaurants) and drinks (dozens of beer, wine and spirits brand)  –  is completely included and you can eat up that value easily, trying samples from dozens of restaurants that have been on your “to-try” list. There is enough time to try everything and go back for seconds, if you can make room!

LA Times The Taste Food Festival

The vendors change from year to year, from meal to meal, so we can’t make specific recommendations on exactly what you should eat, but you’ll definitely find at least a few things that get your mouth watering. Or if you’re like us, you’ll find that just about everything gets your mouth watering!

LA Times The Taste Food Festival

LA Times The Taste Food FestivalLA Times The Taste Food FestivalLA Times The Taste Food Festival

LA Times The Taste Food Festival

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