Delicious End-of-Summer Tomato Recipes

Delicious End-of-Summer Tomato Recipes

While many of us are still enjoying some hot, sunny weather this month, kids are going back to school and the summer season is coming to an end. This means that some of the bounty of summer will soon be running out. I’ve stocked my freezer full of berries for the off-season, but some things – like tomatoes – are just best when they are fresh. My tomato plants aren’t producing quite the bounty that they were a month ago, so I am taking care to make some of my favorite fresh tomato recipes while I still have great summer tomatoes to use in them.

You can never go wrong with Roasted Tomatoes with Olive Oil. This simple recipe has just two main ingredients: olive oil and tomatoes. It is a fantastic appetizer or snack, but if you have a loaf of good bread and some cheese laying around, you might find yourself eating it for dinner instead. It is also just about the easiest way to transform tomatoes from something good into something amazing.

Summer Tomato Gratin is a similar take on the basic roasted tomatoes, except these tomatoes are topped with a garlic Parmesan topping that allows this dish to stand on its own as a side or main dish – and makes it downright addictive. If you have multi-colored tomatoes, you dish will have an exceptionally festive look.

I enjoy gazpacho, but Salmorejo is even more delicious. This cold Spanish tomato soup is a twist on Gazpacho, however it is made very creamy by the inclusion of bread and a generous dose of olive oil. You could try heating it up on a cool fall night, too, but it is very satisfying when served cold in hot weather. A big batch could easily last for several days in the fridge.

My Tomato and Garlic Bruschetta requires almost no cooking, so it really showcases perfect tomatoes. This is a dish that I will whip up when entertaining or just enjoy as a snack on an afternoon when I’m staying in and watching a movie. You can plate the bruschetta up before serving for a more elegant presentation, or keep the tomatoes in a bowl and let your guests spoon them onto the toast on their own.

Summer Tomato Recipe Ideas

Parmesan Tomato Tarts are quick and easy to make, with just a few ingredients piled on a puff pastry base and great flavor. Feta and Tomato Focaccia has a similar idea of fresh tomatoes on a bread base, but it takes a little bit more time to put together and makes a heartier dish in the end.  Finally, a Cherry Tomato Clafoutis is a surprisingly simple dish that has an elegant look to it, and is perfect if you’re looking for a way to serve up tomatoes that is a little more original.


  1. It is certainly hard to beat freshly roasted tomatoes. I love to roast garlic along with mine for an extra special treat!

  2. I LOVE roasted tomatoes. And really, any kind of tomato. The other night I cracked an egg in a tomato and added some bread crumbs and parm cheese and it was awesome!

  3. Love, love roasted tomatoes! So easy and go with any main dish. Thanks for the great tips!

  4. I adore tomatoes! I do something similar, but call them moonblush as they get left over night in the oven! They are incredible served as a topping on risotto. Love your blog!

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