Bear Hands Oven Mitts

Bear Hands Oven Mitts

Everyone knows that you should never grab a hot pan with your bare hands unless you want to risk some pretty severe burns. That said, if your bare hands happen to be covered with a pair of these Bear Hands Oven Mitts, you’ll probably be just fine no matter what type of pan you need to handle. Made by Fred, these ultra-cute oven mitts are made from insulated cotton and have silicone pads to protect the areas of your hand that are most likely to come into contact with metal when picking up a hot pan. The cotton allows them to be flexible and comfortable, unlike all-silicone oven mitts that can cause your hands to sweat when working with them. As is the case with just about all oven mitts, these are a once-size-fits-most set of gloves and should keep most paws well-covered whether you’re working in the kitchen or out at the barbecue. They’re cute, but tough, and they’re great for any hands-on chef.

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