Nordic Ware Mini Heritage Bundt Pans

Mini Heritage Bundt Pans

One of my favorite bundt pans is my Nordic Ware Heritage Bundt. I love its unique spiraling shape and its deep ridges make for a very dramatic cake. I recently noticed that this design is now available in a different size: mini! TheĀ Mini Heritage Bundt Pans, which are also made by Nordic Ware, have the same look as the larger pan in a single-serving cake size. The biggest problem with mini bundts is that the detail of the design can get lost when you scale down the size of the pan. This particular design is so distinctive, that cakes will come out with a clear spiral and you will really see the details in each cake.

The pan is made of heavy duty cast aluminum and has a nonstick interior that should help those little bundts slide right out after baking. That said, the narrow ridges of this pan are the kind that like to trap batter (though I don’t have this problem with the larger ridges of the full size pan), especially if you are working with a recipe that contains mix-ins like chocolate chips. Be sure to grease and flour the pans before baking to avoid any potential problems. That layer of flour will also help give even more definition to the finished design. The ridges are ideal for catching glazes and frostings, so feel free to generously coat your finished cakes – though they’ll look dramatic even without any finishing touches.

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