Chicago Metallic Perforated Marshmallow Cutting Wheel, reviewed

Marshmallow Cutter

One of the hardest parts of making homemade marshmallows is cutting them up after they’re set. Marshmallows themselves are soft – but they’re so soft, that it can be difficult to get a clean, even cut. Sticky marshmallows end up clinging to knives and other cutting implements, leaving you with jagged or otherwise less-than-perfect cuts. Homemade marshmallow will taste delicious regardless of what it looks like, but it is nice to have beautiful looking marshmallows when you put in the work to make them. I often use a greased pizza cutter for fast and relatively smooth cuts, but Chicago Metallic took this idea one step further with their Perforated Marshmallow Cutting Wheel, a tool designed specifically to cut marshmallows. 

The cutting wheel is made of nonstick BPA-free plastic and it is full of perforations. These little holes not only make the wheel lightweight, they prevent the sticky marshmallow from gripping the cutter, leaving you with clean and easy cuts time after time. After using the wheel a few times, I probably won’t be going back to the regular cutter unless I don’t have my wheel with me. It’s very comfortable to use and very effective. It is large enough to easily cut through very thick marshmallows  and I could cut through a whole tray without needing to clean the cutter. It’s definitely a time-saver and works even better than I expected it to.

In addition to marshmallows, the wheel can be used for cutting caramels, fudge and other sticky candies. It will also cut through cookie dough, bread dough and freshly baked pizzas with ease, so you don’t need to feel like you’re taking up precious room in your kitchen with a uni-tasker.


  1. Is that the collapsible pan you are cutting the marshmallows in?

  2. I have both the wheel and that pan. I love them both. Making marshmallows is so much easier.

  3. Do you ever have garage sales? I want to go! ;)

  4. Where can I get a marshmallow cutter?

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