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Lemon Oreos, reviewed

Posted By Nicole On February 6, 2014 @ 3:48 pm In Food Reviews,Sweet Stuff | 8 Comments

Lemon Oreos

As a fan of all things cookies n’ cream, I’m always interested in trying the limited edition flavors that Oreo comes out with. The limited time flavors usually come out around the holidays and past flavors have included Candy Corn, Peppermint and Birthday Cake. Not every limited edition flavor appeals to me, but the new Lemon Oreos definitely caught my eye the last time I was at the store. These cookies are made with two golden vanilla Oreos sandwiching a canary yellow cream filling. The packaging doesn’t say that these are a limited edition, and Oreo offered a Limited Edition “Lemon Twist” flavor a few years back, so its possible that they might stick around for the whole season instead of just a few weeks. I love lemon cakes, cookies and other desserts, so I knew that I would have to try these.

I’ll cut to the chase: these were very tasty and really exceeded my expectations. The cookies themselves have a nice vanilla flavor and the lemon cream is bright and zesty, with a lot more “pop” than some other lemon cookies offer. The filling is sweet, but because the cookies are a little on the plain side, they balance out the cream surprisingly well. They’re great with coffee and tea, and like other Oreo cookies, they can be baked into any cookies n’ cream dessert to give it a citrus and springtime makeover by replacing the chocolate element of traditional cookies n’ cream with lemon.

Lemon Oreos

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