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There are some staples that should always be in a baker’s pantry: flour, sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla extract and cocoa powder. Some lists leave out the last two, or only include them as extras, but I use vanilla and cocoa powder almost every single day and my kitchen is never without them. I don’t want your kitchen to be without them, either, which is why I’m giving away two Baking Basics Gift Packs full of baking essentials from Rodelle. You’ll have to stock up on flour and butter, but this gift pack is full of vanilla beans, vanilla extract, Dutch process baking cocoa  and other essentials  that will get you set up for all of your holiday baking

To enter the contest, just leave a comment below and mention your favorite holiday treat – whether it is a pumpkin pie recipe that you’ve been baking for twenty years or a new sugar cookie recipe you just added to your repertoire. The contest ends Sunday at midnight (11/10/2013)  and two winners will be randomly selected from the entries. Don’t forget to fill in your e-mail on the comment form (it will not be made public), as that is how I will contact the winner, and good luck!

Here are a few chocolate and vanilla recipes to kick start your holiday baking:

Update: Comments are now closed. Congrats to Alyssa and Amy on winning this giveaway! Thanks to everyone for participating!


  1. Chocolate-dipped everything : )

  2. Two of my favorite cookies are the chewy molasses cookies and the Devon cream sugar cookies in festive shapes from Jann Johnson’s The Art of the Cookie.

  3. Cherry Cheese cake! First dessert I’ve loved since moving from Peru in the 80′s

  4. Double layer pumpkin cheesecake!

  5. Rum balls are my favorite holiday treat.

  6. My favorite go-to for the holidays would have to be chocolate bourbon pecan pie. I came across the recipe a few years ago and it is pure decadence in a pie plate!

  7. Creme brûlée!

  8. Longing for my Italian Aunt’s chocolate spiced wedding cakes…similiar to snowballs or nut butter balls…..they are delicious!

  9. Longing for my Italian Aunt’s chocolate spiced wedding cakes…similiar to snowballs or nut butter balls…..they are delicious!

  10. Apple Pie!

  11. cinnamon rolls – for whatever reason I associate them with the holidays and pretty much never make them any other time………..

  12. Peppermint bark, any sort of cookie!

  13. I’d made a chocolate pumpkin trifle that came out yummy!

  14. Chocolate peppermint cookies!

  15. I love making multiple vegan impossible pumpkin pies from the fat free vegan recipe!

  16. Chocolate chess pie

  17. Oh I’m tempted to say snowball cookies.. but I can’t leave pecan pie out in the cold like that. It’s got to be pecan pie.

  18. Mexican Chocolate Cherry Bombs have become a new fave —cayenne pepper gives heat while mixing with the sweet. Mmm good!

  19. Butter brick bars! Make every christmas

  20. Bourbon balls! Someone shared a recipe with me a few years ago and they are the best I have ever had/made.

  21. Love love love to make (eat) toffee and caramels over the holidays to share with family and coworkers.

  22. Creme brulee! Especially Bailey’s creme brulee :)

  23. Chocolate Biscuit Pudding! Family recipe and always a crowd pleaser.

  24. Eudora’s Southern Nut Pie from New Recipes from Moosewood…maple syrup, pecans, and heavy cream!

  25. Mini sweet potato pies with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

  26. My favorite is my great-grandmother’s pumpin cheesecake

  27. My favorite is a chocolate sin cake my daughter and I make together. It’s incredibly rich and lovely and is amazing. Best of all, we can make it gluten-free (so I can eat it!).

  28. Apple pie!

  29. My grandmother’s shortbread cookie recipe and her gingersnaps if I have time.

  30. my favorite holiday treat is Christmas Sugar Cookies w/ Frosting & sprinkles

  31. Pecan Pie!

  32. My mother used to make whipped butter shortbreads. These were — and remain — the most sumptuous, melt-in-the-mouth delectable cookie morsels I have ever eaten.

  33. I like to make Pumpkin Bread this time of year!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  34. Pies, pumpkin, pecan, apple

  35. Latkes with applesauce. And this year, with Chanukah and Thanksgiving on the same day, I’ll be serving latkes with a cinnamon-kissed cranberry sauce!

  36. Pumpkin pie without question, starting in October and lasting until January don’t bother offering me dessert unless it’s pumpkin!

  37. Individual apple pies. Yum!

  38. I make a traditional steamed pudding for Christmas. I LOVE it and make it every year I can.

  39. I love my mother’s recipe for Red Velvet cake. It’s so fitting for the season, with all its spicy goodness.

  40. My favorite holiday treat would be something with pumpkin. I’m pretty much a sucker for pumpkin. Or maybe a molasses spice cookie. There’s something so holiday about them.

  41. Doesn’t matter what food it is, but I love all holiday and wintery smells. Anything with Cinnamon. :)

  42. I love to make sugar cookies from a recipe I got from a holiday book as a kid.

  43. I love making peanut butter blossom cookies…so good!

  44. I absolutely love banana nut cake. The recipe I use is about 40 years old. The cake is very rich and actually heavy. But oh so good.

  45. I always make Brown Butter Spoon Cookies (or face death, I’m afraid)!

  46. I made some pumpkin spiced cupcakes from scratch a few weeks ago. They were so amazing! I filled and frosted with my cream cheese frosting. I will be making these all year far my favorite cupcake recipe ever!

  47. My fave is apple pie

  48. Eggnog Bundt Cake! Much better to me than the liquid version!

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