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Stained Glass Bundt Pan

Stained Glass Bundt
If you have ever taken a trip to Europe, or even watched a European travel show on TV, you’re sure to have noticed that there are many cathedrals packed with fantastic architectural details and elaborate stained glass windows. This Stained Glass Bundt Pan was inspired by some of those details, and it almost looks like a cathedral dome (although one of the largest stained glass domes is actually in Chicago, not Europe). The pan is 10-inches in diameter and is made of heavy duty cast aluminum by NordicWare, the bundt pan specialists. It is loaded with more intricate details than you will see on most bundt pans, and they are arranged in tiers that help give the pan its dome-like feel. Fortunately, the designs are kept fairly close to the surface of the pan, so there are no extremely deep or sharp edges for your cake to get trapped in when it is time to unmold the cake. The pan has a nonstick finish on the interior, but it is still a good idea to grease and flour this pan before using to ensure that you pick up as much of that detail as possible in the finished cake.

This pan can be used with any type of cake, but there is so much detail on the pan that you will want to choose a cake that does not need frosting or a glaze to finish it. A simple vanilla or lemon pound cake is a good choice, since the design will show up clearly on a light-colored cake, but a chocolate cake can also make the design pop if you dust your pan with cocoa powder instead of flour before baking.

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  • Marieta
    September 12, 2013

    That looks amazing! I think it will add a definite wow factor to the cake. Will the detailed shape not make it much harder to clean? Will grime build up in the edges?

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