Introducing: Build A Better Food Blog, a Baking Bites Workshop!

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Food blogging is more popular than ever and new people are getting into it all the time. Cooking, baking, restaurants and photography – what’s not to love? Whether you’re doing it for fun or for profit, food blogging is an art form and it takes a little time to find you niche and grow your audience.

If you live in the Los Angeles Area, you should definitely check out my upcoming food blogging workshop: Build a Better Food Blog. The class is going to be held on October 4th from 7-10 pm at the New School of Cooking in Culver City. The workshop is for people who are completely new to blogging and for experienced bloggers looking to refine their craft. It is also for people who simply want to know what food blogging is all about. We’ll focus on content development – because readers are looking to find out who you are when they read your blog and want to hear your unique voice. We’ll touch on photography and recipe development, social networks and how to build up your readership, as well as other related topics. Bring your specific questions and I will be more than happy to help get them answered. We’ll have snacks and champagne to enjoy during the class, too.

Visit the NSC catalog to sign up for the class and to read the full course description.

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  1. Oh this looks awesome! My husband would love to check this out too!

  2. Hi Stefanie – We would love to see both of you there!

  3. Great Nicole, I know my hubby had a couple questions but if it’s OK with you can he just email them?

  4. Stefanie – Sure! You (And other readers!) can always send me questions via e-mail. The workshop might go into more detail than my e-mail responses, but that depends on exactly what kinds of questions you and he have.

  5. I’ll let him know… see you then!

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