Wilton Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser

Wilton Perfect Fill
Batters come in many thicknesses, from thin and runny crepe batters to muffin batters that are so thick that you can dish them out with an ice cream scoop. The thick batters are usually easy to work with, but thin batters have a tendency to spill and splash all over the place as you dry to distribute them – especially if you’re trying to direct the batter into a very specific place. Wilton’s Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser is designed to help you direct runny batters better. The dispenser is a pasty bag tip that has a built-in valve to help control the flow of the batter. When you put pressure onto your piping bag, the valve will open and allow batter to come through. When you release the pressure, the flow will stop. You will need to use a disposable piping bag (and they recommend using large bags to hold all your batter) with the dispenser, but the bags will keep the process smooth and make cleanup easy.

The dispenser will work for batters that have a thin to medium consistency, but isn’t ideal for very thick batters because they require too much pressure to squeeze through the bag. You’ll be able to pipe perfect pancakes, easily fill muffin tins and also ensure that batter gets into all the right nooks and crannies when using pans with unusual designs or features, like the Two Tone Cupcake Insert.

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  1. Eagle Archambeault

    It seems like overkill though, I find cookie scoops/ice cream scoops to be the perfect solution for filling muffin tins. For mini muffins I just use a smaller scoop (confession time – I have too many sizes of scoops…). Neat idea, I just always hated cleaning out the frosting bags afterward, and I have to figure this suffers the same issue.

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