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Lékué Round Silicone Springform Pan

Posted By Nicole On July 23, 2013 @ 7:30 am In Gear and Gadgets | 2 Comments

Round Springform

Springform pans are cake pans with removable sides, designed to make it easy to remove your baked goods without having to flip the pan upside down and pop them out. They’re typically needed for cheesecakes and other relatively delicate baked goods that need gentle handling to stay in one piece. Like other bakeware, springform pans are typically made of metal with metal sides – but this Lékué Round Silicone Springform Pan is breaking with tradition with an unusual silicone side design.

The pan has a sturdy ceramic base and a removable silicone ring that makes up the sides of the pan. The silicone is able to keep its shape without bending because of the sturdy base, so the pan can be used for cheesecakes and anything else that can be baked in a traditional springform pan. The advantage to the silicone is that nothing is going to stick to its surface, so even a very soft cheesecake or flourless chocolate torte will release easily. Silicone is both oven and freezer safe, so this pan can also be used to shape frozen desserts. The ceramic base is much more attractive than the standard metal bases found on most pans and can double as a serving dish, too.

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