Cinnamon Bun Pull-Apart Cake Pan

Cinnamon Bun Pull-Apart Cake Pan
Cinnamon buns can be a time-consuming treat to make because you need to spend quite a bit of time rolling out, rolling up and cutting the dough to form perfect pinwheels of cinnamon-sugar goodness. They’re always worth it in the end, but there are times when you just don’t have the time or energy to put into making a whole batch from scratch. There are recipes for no knead cinnamon buns that don’t take much time to make, but another alternative is to work with something like this Cinnamon Bun Pull-Apart Cake Pan.

The pan, which is made by Nordic Ware, is designed to give any cake the look and feel of a batch of cinnamon buns. The top of the pan is decorated with a swirling cinnamon bun design, and the interior is divided along the same lines, providing some separation between the “buns” of the cake. This allows you to pull apart the pieces of the cake much like you would with a regular cinnamon bun, introducing an element of fun (and making the process of sharing the cake with friends a lot more hands-on) that you wouldn’t get from an ordinary cake. You can use any cake recipe with this heavy duty, 10-inch pan and it’s nonstick interior will help the finished cake slide right out. Of course, you will probably want to opt for a cake that is spiced with cinnamon to make sure the flavor of the cake matches the look of the pan.


  1. Cinamon buns are time-consuming but they delicious, this pan is amazing, I want that one!

  2. I am loving this! It’s like a big cheater pan. Love love love.

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