Collapsible No-Bake Pan

Collapsible No-Bake Pan
No bake treats and candies – like homemade marshmallows and rice krispy or other cereal treats – often seem easier to make than treats that require baking since they typically require less prep work and don’t heat up your kitchen with the oven. Usually, you have to work with regular bakeware when making no-bake treats. With some recipes – particularly with soft ones, like marshmallows and caramels – it can be difficult to get your treats in and out of traditional bakeware because they are just too soft or bendable to come out of a stiff-sided pan easily. One solution is to use silicone, which is flexible and can be bent until your goodies pop out, although the flexible sides don’t always give your goodies a lot of support as they set up. One other option is something like this┬áCollapsible No-Bake Pan from Chicago Metallic. This unusual plastic pan is designed so that its sides fold down flat, making it very easy to get out any no-bake treat that you put in there. The interior of the pan is decorated with a number of colorful lines that serve as cutting guides, helping you to get straight, even pieces of your treats. And anyone who has tried to cut homemade caramels into even pieces knows that some guidelines can be a big help!

The pan comes in an 8×8-inch pan size with sides that are 2 inches deep, so it can accommodate a wide variety of recipes. Since it is plastic, it isn’t oven safe and should only be used for no-bake goodies (and precooked ones, like candies) , but it is dishwasher safe and easy to maintain.


  1. This is awesome! I can NEVER cut my caramels or marshmallows in a straight line.

  2. Interesting! It also appears to be quite affordable and I’m wondering if it could be stored flat which would be a big advantage so far as I’m concerned.
    I took the lines to be an attractive upbeat graphic. I’m glad you pointed out they also function as a cutting guide. Meanwhile, I’m even more interested in the non-stick cutting wheel that’s also listed on their site.
    Yay for Chicago Metallic for some really thoughtful and awesome design!

  3. Can you provide a little more information about the mechanics of the sides? How secure is it when you’re pushing something into the corners? How easy is it to release them? How flat is it when the sides are disengaged? Would it be practical to store it with the sides released?
    If it isn’t rated for the heat of baking how does it tolerate the heat of a hot sugar mixture? That can be pretty incendiary with the environmental heat of an oven. Does Chicago Metallic identify the safe temperature range?

  4. Rainey – The sides snap together with a tab-like mechanism. They seem pretty sturdy and I think they’d stay together for pushing things into corners, although I do think it is possible that over time (and I’m thinking very heavy use) the snaps might gradually lose some of their snappiness. I think that it could be stored flat, like a cutting board, without any problem.

    I don’t know the temperature range that it is rated for, though, so that would be worth looking in to if you do a lot of hot, poured candies.

  5. I am heading up to SlT in Westlake today to investigate it further.
    Thanks for the additional info.

  6. My name is Matt and I work with Chicago Metallic. We did some testing and the pan will work with temperatures under 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you should be able to make caramels without issue. Just make sure that after you pour the caramels into the pan, that you do not move the pan again until cool, because the pan loses some of its rigidity when hot.

    The pan is designed to fold completely flat when not in use, which is great for storage and when cutting.

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