Chicago Metallic Perforated Cutting Wheel

Marshmallow Wheel Cutter

I’ve been making homemade marshmallows on a regular basis for years now and I only have one problem: cutting them. It’s not that it is difficult to cut though a giant, fluffy marshmallow slab to turn it into many bite-sized marshmallows, the problem is that marshmallow is so soft that it can be very difficult to get a straight cut as it flexes and bends with the pressure of your knife – or whatever implement you use to cut it. I typically use a pizza cutter because it allows me to cut through the slab quickly, and I oil it well to keep it from getting snagged in the sticky mallow and keep my cuts clean.

Chicago Metallic recently introduced a perforated cutting wheel – also known as a Marshmallow Wheel Cutter - that is designed specifically to cut through sticky products, such as marshmallow, nougat and caramels. The wheel looks like a regular pizza wheel, except that it is full of small holes. These holes in the nonstick wheel help to prevent the sticky substances from getting a hold on it, allowing the blade to slide through much more quickly and with less wheel-greasing needed.


  1. Cool… very specialized item

  2. I would be very curious to know how well the wheel would work with caramels. I make them regularly, but I’d be concerned that the caramels would be too hard for the wheel to cut cleanly.

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