Wilton ColorCups Baking Cups, reviewed

Color Cups
Bright and colorful muffin wrappers are fun to work with because they can completely change the look of a cupcake or muffin from something ordinary into something that draws you in – especially if you are baking for a party or celebration. And anyone who has baked for kids knows that they have even greater appreciation for brightly colored baked goods (no matter how elegant the dark brown wrappers that appeared on the cover of that last food magazine looked!). Unfortunately, many muffin papers don’t hold up all that well to baking and the moisture and fat from your muffins or cupcakes often soak into the wrappers, dulling their colors and making them look a lot less appealing. The solution is to look for a grease-proof muffin cup that will keep its color during and after baking.

Wilton’s ColorCups Baking Cups are just such a baking cup. These are lined with foil, which helps the outer paper keep its color even when the cups are filled with something a little oily. I’ve used these cups a number of times and always like them, since they come in a huge variety of colors and are starting to become more and more widely available. The papers are sturdy and have a nice, solid feel to them. Even when they’re of of their packaging, they hold their shape, and the foil layer doesn’t separate from the colorful outer layer of the paper. Most importantly, however, they definitely deliver on their promise of keeping their bright colors after baking. Both plain cupcakes and streusel-topped coffee cake muffins (which have extra butter in their crispy topping) end up with neat looking wrappers when baked in these and they’re definitely a staple in my stash of muffin wrappers.


  1. I find that the ones that are lined with foil tend to become “wilty” after a few hours/overnight and separate from the foil wrapper. Since i rarely can bake things the same day they will be eaten and have to bake them the night before, i tend to just stick with boring old white and do fun frosting colors instead.

  2. Poolsie – I know just what you are talking about – but these really hold up! They’re MUCH sturdier than any other foil-lined wrappers I’ve used and the wrappers didn’t separate into layers or from the cake itself after storage.

  3. i’ll give them a try the next time i see them (though i just got 500 plain white ones from a store called GFS for only $2.99 so I am set in the baking cups department for a while :)

  4. I’ve been trying to find Mini Foil-line cupcake wrappers. I love the options on the ColorCups by Wilton, but can only find Standard size. No Mini… Any ideas?

  5. Awful things to work with. Some cups come apart easier than others, but the majority stick together so tightly that they become ugly and warped when finally managed to get apart. (I could only manage to get only 26 of the 36 apart. I quit trying after that.) I’ve been using cupcake wrappers for years but this is the first time I tried Wilton Color Cups. I chose them because of the designs on the outside, but I will not be using them again.

  6. By “Moderation” do you mean EDITING so your product doesn’t look so bad??

  7. Hi Linda,

    I just wanted to let you know that “moderation” does not mean editing, it is just a tool that I use to prevent spam comments from being left on the site. Also, these Wilton cupcake wrappers are not my product, simply I product that I tried. I’m sorry that your experience was not as positive as mine was, but it’s great for other readers to hear about it in case they encounter similar problems.


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