Blendtec Designer Series Blender giveaway! (closed)

Blendtec Designer Series Blender
I’ve really been enjoying working with my new Blendtec Designer Series Blender, as it is a cut above the blenders that I’ve used before and is good for a lot more than just mixing up fruit smoothies. The people at Blendtec were kind enough to provide an extra Blendtec Blender for me to giveaway to one lucky reader, so now is your chance to put your entry in for a chance to win!

Of course, I wish that I could give all of you new blenders, but since that’s not in the cards right now, you’ll have to leave a comment on this post stating your favorite use for a blender. Is it making blended coffee drinks? Pureed soups? Homemade peanut butter? Blender waffles? The winner of the contest will win one Designer Series Blender furnished by Blendtec. For an extra entry into the contest, you can sign up for the Blendtec recipe newsletter, which will deliver great (and sometimes surprising) blender recipes straight to your inbox.

The contest ends Sunday night at midnight (a.k.a. 12:01am on 05/06/2013) and one winner will be randomly selected from the entries. Don’t forget to fill in your e-mail on the comment form (it will not be made public), as that is how I will contact the winner, and good luck!

Click on “Continue Reading” and scroll to the bottom of the page  to access the comment form, or simply click on the comments section at the top of the post.

Update: Comments are now closed. Congrats to reader Johnny M on winning this amazing blender!



  1. Favorite thing to use it for is making smoothies.

  2. Katie Connally

    Definitely smoothies! Although I only have a bar mix so they have been average smoothies!

  3. I don’t currently own a blender so I’m using my immersion blender and my favorite use with that is probably to make lattes.

  4. Smoothies and milkshakes!

  5. I’m already subscribed to the Blendtec recipe newsletter.

  6. I use my blender for making bearnaise sauce (the actor Vincent Price”s recipe) . However, I’d use the Blendtec probably the most often for making my son’s protein drinks and smoothies! My friend has a Blendtec and whipped up the most delicious smoothies! I’ve been saving for a Blendtec, but this would help so much! And now that you have informed me that there is an ice cream setting on it, I have several ideas for ice cream in it! Of course, I’d make the mnt julep sorbet you posted. =)

  7. I actually make pesto in my (on its last legs) blender, usually half basil and half baby spinach.

  8. i like making aquas! delicious and refreshing during the hot months.

  9. I love blending my morning smoothies . I can really use this new Blendtec designer series. I can take my smoothies to the next level and blend carrots and other hard vegetables. Please choose me.
    Thank you,

  10. This Blendtec blender will really help me blend my carrots and other hard vegetables in my smoothies.

  11. I use my current blender mostly for pureeing soups. Would love to try more adventurous recipes with a more powerful blender!

  12. Blendtex makes muffins and breads! Warm bread to go with the veggie, fruit and nut smoothies! So healthy and yummy!

  13. Original I says: smoothies :-)

  14. Smoooooothies!!!! And the blendtecs are supposed to be amazing for blending down ice!

  15. I love making whipped cream with my blender – just a couple pulses and you’re done. No need to get out the mixer and stand there forever.

  16. love Making Soups And hollandaise Sauce!

  17. making smoothies and protein shakes

  18. I signed up for the blendtec newsletter

  19. smoothies!

  20. Boo (my bull dog) is licking my face it is 6 o’clock am my hubby is running ok ok I a’m up Boo here is your breakfast now can someone make me a smoothie wake up world it is a great day

  21. Daily smoothies. Current blender is wimpy. Will enjoy the power of the Blendtec when I win it.
    Thanks for the contest.

  22. subscribe Blendtec email: slehan at myway dot com

  23. Smoothies!

  24. Milkshakes are one of my favorites, but since summer is approaching, I would have to say that cold gazpacho is my top choice. I like it perfectly smooth, not chunky, and the blender would be perfect for that.

  25. I subscribe to Blendtec’s weekly emails with jeanbrinkley73 at gmail dot com

  26. I already have a blender. Love it! Use it mostly to make protein drinks before or after gym. However,my sister and I are starting up a charity called Cariad Trust,the intentions of it is to raise funds to support other animal charities in South Africa through online auctions(via Facebook or ebay). We still in the early phases of developing this charity and the problem comes in the form of actually getting items to auction. This has been inspired by a 6 month old pup that was found in Cape Town in a barbecue almost dead, some kids had pulled some of her teeth out. Please take a look at Lucky Lucy Foundation on Facebook,pup is called Marble. To verify my story. I have contacted the foundation to make a donation. I would use the blender to auction to raise money through our new charity.

  27. My fav use for a blender is making smoothies

  28. mango milkshakes!

  29. vanilla ice cream milkshake <3

  30. My 12 yr old daughter loves making protein smoothies after ballet class. 4 hrs on Pointe can be quite exhausting! We make home made soup at least twice a week. And someone mentioned peanutbutter … YUM!

  31. marissa maestas

    I love to use my blender to make green smoothies.

  32. Love making my own mayonnaise. Fresh organic eggs from my friend’s flock, quality oil, and my own choice of seasonings!

  33. I subscribe to Blendtec’s newsletter

  34. Since my blender died, I’d love to make my skinny versions of margaritas again! Especially since its Cinco de Mayo today!

  35. I would love to make homemade peanut butter with honey! :)

  36. Tricia Lestarjette

    I love using my blender to make nut cheeses. I love experimenting with different seasonings and flavors.

  37. Making soups.

  38. Salsa

  39. oo tough call between mango-peach smoothies and butternut squash-apple soup, but I’ll have to give it to the smoothies!

  40. Milk shakes and smoothies!!!!

  41. When the kids were little I made all their food now that their grown, milkshakes and smoothies and my son has started a new healthy regimen and his protien drinks would also be made frequently in this!

  42. I would love to make thick, healthy, fruit & veg smoothies with an amazing blender like this! It would also allow me to explore making other foods like hummus, nut butter, soups, etc, since it has food-processing ability. Could make so much delicious healthy foods to share with others! Plus it is made in the USA :) I also signed up for the recipe newsletter. Thank you for this opportunity!

  43. Smoothies, milkshakes, and pureed soup! I love my food processor but it doesn’t crush ice well.

  44. Milkshakes!

  45. Smoothies, which are great anytime of day! Sauces for pasta. Grind spices for chorizo. Boiling chilies then blending them for salsas. Grinding flaxsee to toss into bread or oatmeal. The list goes on. Virtually making anything thats big into something small or something small that you want your body to more easy absorb the nutrients from. Helps in all around cooking, a must have in the kitchen.

  46. Green smoothies ..yummy and healthy!

  47. I love making smoothies!

  48. Smoothies/Milkshakes mostly now, but I’ve been dying for a robust enough blender to handle juicing and to experiment with soup.

  49. Vegetable smoothies is my favorite. I can get my kids to eat their vegetables without complaining.

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